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Zeno farm machinery factory

Zeno Farm Machinery Factory

zeno CNC workshop

High Tech CNC Workshop

grain thresher by zeno

High Efficient Assemble Workshop


Zeno farm machinery main products include Multi Crop Thresher,Maize Sheller Machine,Grain Mill Machine,Rice Mill,

Corn Harvester Machine,Rice Wheat Reaper,Chaff Cutter, etc .

multi crop thresher machine

Multi Crop Thresher Machine

Multi crop thresher machine can peel and thresh corn,not only for

corn ,but also widely applied to wheat,rice,soybean,sorghum,millet.

cassava milling machine

Cassava Milling Machine

disk grain mill machine

Grain Mill Machine

combine rice mill

Rice Mill Machine

farm irrigation machine

Farm Irrigation Machine


Zeno farm machinery has exported agricultural machine to different country ,like Ecuador,Kenya,Myanmar,Nigeria,Tanzania.Vietnam etc

multi grain thresher machine to Austrilia

Multi Grain Thresher Machine To Austrilia

manual baler machine to Uganda

Manual Baler Machine To Uganda

rice mill machine to Myanmar

Rice Mill Machine To Myanmar

peanut sheller to kenya

Peanut Sheller Machine To Kenya

hammer mill chaff cutter to Souhth Africa

Hammer Mill/Chaff Cutter To South Africa

Rice Mill Plant To Nigeria

manual peanut sheller to South Sudan

Manual Peanut Sheller To South Sudan

corn peeler thresher machine to Nigeria

Corn Peeler Thresher To Nigeria

rice destoner machine to Tanzania

Rice Destoner To Tanzania

How To Start Maize Farming Business In Nigeria ?

How To Start Maize Farming Business In Nigeria ? Maize is a valuable commodity that used both domestically and industrially.It’s used for flour milling, brewing, bread baking, confectionery, manufacturing, and animal feeding. It is an important source of carbohydrate, protein, iron, vitamin B, and minerals, and can be

How To Storage Grain For Small Farms?

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Manual Peanut Sheller To South Sudan

Manual Peanut Sheller To South Sudan For FAO Project 150 sets manual peanut sheller was sent to South Sudan at 5th,Apr,2019.The South Sudan client is a farm machinery retailer in local and he has cooperated with FAO for many times before.This time he has offered 150 sets

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