6 Tips For Planter Machine Maintenance In 2022

Without a good start in the best seedbed possible in spring, crops do not reach their full potential.Planter machine maintenance is important for all farmers,2022 spring farming is ongoing now. In order to better spring farming and ensure the good conditions of agricultural machinery,the farmers should conduct routine inspections and maintenance of farm machinery before spring plowing, including comprehensive cleaning of agricultural machinery, parts adjustment and reinforcement, lubrication of mobile components, etc.,which can ensure it will not affect the normal use of agricultural machinery after a winter idle.

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Here corn planter machine manufacturer can give you some suggestions about planter machine maintenance

1.The maintenance of corn planter machine shall effectively implement the technical maintenance regulations in accordance the user manual.The user should clear, inspection, adjustment, lubrication, adding on time.The technical maintenance work of leakage and replacement of damaged parts and other items, maintain the good filtration performance of air, fuel, and oil filtering device, remove the soil debris that adheres to the outside of the machine, and reduce the factors of wear.
2.Four non -leakage of fuel driven machinery (no oil leakage, no water leakage, no gas or indulgence), five cleaning parts (oil, water and gas ,machine and tools). Add clean and specified lubricating oil according to the requirements of the instructions. Keep the heat dissipation system working normally, avoid excessive temperature or too low, add clean soft water.

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3.The planter machine must be flexible (operation, rotation, flexible lifting), Check the main working parts like device bolt, tire fastening nut and bolt. Check whether the tire pressure is normal: check the tension of the drive belt. In the separation state; whether each connector and transmission parts are loose, whether the welding parts are removed;
4.The operating system of planter machine should rotate sensitivity and rises freely. It is found that the machine has an abnormal effect,like anomalous sound,temperature, appearance or odor.
5. Newly purchased or long -term unused planter must be tried before use, also called running -in. The farmer can judge whether the operation of the planter machine is normal through listening, watching, touching, etc. It is eliminated in time to find the failure.
6.Keep Your Machine Clean.Farming is dirty work, but keeping your seeder drill clean is an important part of maintaining its integrity. Dirt can clog vital components if left to cake on and settle in. Clean your seed planter after each use to prolong its lifespan. You should keep all of your other planting equipment clean as well to keep them operational.

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Conclusions About Corn Planter Machine Maintenance

As we all know, the use of machinery will cause wear and tear, and the same is true for seed planters. You made a sizable investment in your farming equipment so it behooves you to keep it around for as long as possible.As long as we perform reasonable maintenance on the machine, we can reduce wear and tear and reduce the occurrence of failures.

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