Animal plough price,ox drawn mouldboard plough for sale

ox drawn plough

Model: ZNAL10

Capacity: Depends on operator

Power: Animal drive like ox ,horse,donkey

Application: Soil ploughing

Animal plough is a small farming tool with sharp blades, which is attached to an animal and used to turn over the soil before planting. It is used for primary and secondary tillage. The plough is used for a number of different field operations that include ploughing, row-marking (for crop establishment), ridging and weeding. During ploughing, the animal drawn plough cuts, breaks, loosens, inverts the soil and buries weeds, crop residues and manure.The ox drawn plough is the most common tillage implement used by smallholder farmers in Africa.

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Features Of Animal Drawn Plough

1.The plough turns over and breaks up the soil surface to create a seed bed to plant crops in. The advantages are that it provides soils free from weeds, provides good conditions and soil structure for plants to grow in.
2.The hitching point can be adjusted height-wise and sideways tot control the working depth and stabilises the plough while in operation.
3.This animal plough is very popular in Africa market, suitable for small scale farming.
4.Ox plough is single furrow high performance ploughs that combine lightness in weight with sturdy construction for maximum strength.
5.Zeno brand cattle drawn plough comes with 32 kgs. All the parts are forged with high performance carbon steel except the plough wheel.
6.The animal drawn plough is single furrow high performance ploughs that combine lightness in weight with sturdy construction.

animal drawn plough

Structure Of Ox Drawn Mouldplough

Main parts include plough mouldboard, plough beam,plough wheel and handles.the broad blade that cuts through the soil; the moldboard, for turning the furrow slice; and the landside, a plate on the opposite side from the moldboard that absorbs the side thrust of the turning action. Ox-drawn moldboard plow have a single bottom Listers and middlebusters are double-moldboard plows that leave a furrow by throwing the dirt both ways.
Do not shake the armrest when working. Reduce the labor intensity, as long as holding the handles, the plough blank width and depth can be consistent, is conducive to enhancing the quality of the plow. Simple structure, affordability and effortless operation.

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Animal Drawn Plough In Africa

In Africa ,when a farmer ploughs an area of land, they turn over the soil using a plough. They were using ox to plough their fields.
The animal drawn plough is the most commonly used farm tool in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, using this plough as farm tool is labour intensive, time taking, making shallow depth and narrow cutting width. The multiple mouldboard plough cut of width and depth can be adjusted to go along with the available draft animal for optimum field operation performance.
In Zimbabwe,smallholder farmers generally use single furrow mouldboard ploughs.This kind of animal ploughs have been designed to make them easier to set and adjust. Modifications were made to the hitch assembly, wheel assembly and the cross-braces on the handle-bars. Many plough parts are interchangeable. Animal traction is an appropriate, affordable and sustainable technology that is still important throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.

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Technical Parameters Of Animal Drawn Mouldplough


Animal drawn plough



Working depth


Working width


Overall size




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