Fresh cassava milling machine,yuca grater for sale

cassava milling machine

Model: ZNMS400/ZNMS800

Capacity: 400~500kg/h 800~1000kg/h

Power: Electric motor,petrol engine,diesel engine

Application: Cassava,potato,sweet potato,lotus tuber

Cassava milling machine is a machine used for grating cassava into cassava pulp. Fresh cassava is fed to the machine through the hopper made of stainless steel sheet to the grating drum, which rotates at a constant speed. This process grates the cassava into cassava pulp. The pulp exit the machine through an inclined chute.For gari processing, the pulp is collected in sacks and put in a double screw press for dewatering.Design of a cassava grating machine which has three modes of operation was made,it can be powered by electric motor, petrol or diesel engine depending on customers preference.

yuca milling machine

Why Do You Need Cassava Milling Machine ?

Cassava is the third most important crop plant in the tropics, after rice and maize. It is a long tuberous starchy root, rich in carbohydrates. The root has a brown fibrous skin and snowy white flesh. Cassava is a major source of carbohydrates in human diet, being processed into Garri, fatal and typical as a constituent for human food. It is also being used as starch.
Cassava is mainly cultivated in the tropical part of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.Cassava is the most perishable of roots and tubers and can deteriorate within two or three days after harvesting. It cannot be stored for long because they rot within 3-4 days of harvest. Therefore, cassava must be processed into various forms to increase the shelf life of the products, improve palatability, reduce food losses and stabilizes seasonal fluctuations in the supply of the crop.

cassava grinder machine
The cassava producers encounter various challenges in cassava processing. Some of this factors include lack of efficient equipment; appropriate processing techniques, machines, and tools.
Cassava milling machine is a useful tools ,which can size reduction process that converts peeled cassava tubers into cassava mash. Grating cassava tubers using the conventional graters makes the process tedious and labor-intensive. Zeno brand cassava grating machine with an automated contact plate was developed.Hence, the developed cassava gater machine is a viable option to large scale cassava processors due to the ease of operation, less processing time, and less man-power demand as a result of machine automation.

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Advantage Of Cassava Milling Machine

* Cassava milling machine doesn’t separate the fiber from the cassava mash, which is good for fermentation.
* Energy-saving cassava grating machine with excellent performance, reasonable structure, compact, safe and reliable.
* High efficiency,low noise, labor saving, time saving,crushing even and delicate.
* The distance between sifter and sinker is adjustable, which can make rough milling, fine milling in one machine.
* The sieve will be bounded up after pressing. This enables the replacement much easier and can close much tighter.
* The screen of cassava grating machine is not blocked, the grinding is fine, and the screen can be quickly disassembled and replaced.
* Due to the high-speed rotating rotor, the grated material quickly passes through the screen without clogging the screen, and also increases the output.

cassava grater machine

Maintenance Of Cassava Grater Machine

1.When installing, please pay attention to the direction of rotation.
2.The protective device of the exposed part should be in good condition.
3.The operator must cut off the power completely before maintenance.
4. When using the motor as power, ensure that the power contacts are protected from water splashes to prevent electric shock.
5.Check whether the processed materials are clean and free of debris
6.After each work, the machine should be cleaned and the bearings filled with butter.

cassava milling machine for sale

Technical Parameter of yuca milling machine

Model ZNMS400 ZNMS800









2.2 3


65 95



650*600*790 750*680*840

Working Video