Chaff cutter machine price cutting corn,wheat,rice,cotton stalk

chaff cutter machine

Model: ZNQS1.0/ZNQS3/ZNQS5

Capacity: 800~1200kg/h 3000~5000kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine

Application: Corn stalk,wheat straw,rice straw,silage,fodder,cotton stalk,small tree branch

Chaff cutter machine is mainly used for stalk forage, such as rice straw, wheat straw, maize stalk and maize for ensiling. It’s a mechanical device for cutting straw or Green Grass into small pieces before being mixed together with other forage and fed to Cow,Goats,horses and cattle. This aids the animal’s digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food.It also helps in curing of the fodder, makes storage easy and makes the fodder more palatable for the livestock.

small straw chopper machine
Corn stalk cutting machine can be classified by size into small, medium and large. The small size chaff cutter machine is mainly adapted for chopping dry straw or silage on small-scale farms. The medium chopper is normally suited to cutting dry straw and silage, so it is called a straw-silage chopper.The large cutting machine is mainly used for silage on cattle farms.

chaff cutter machine price
ZNQS series chaff cutter machine is one of the most popular agricultural equipment on the market , which can be driven by 12~25 HP tractor .It’s fully suitable for towing so as to carry from one place to another.

tractor chaff cutter

This chaff cutter machine adopted a new kind of straw processing technique, combining chopping with grinding. The machine processes residues, especially maize stalk, into thin thread segments of 8-19 cm, completely destroying its node structure. Palatability is greatly improved, and the intake of the entire crop is also increased to 95 percent from the original 50 percent.
The chaff cutter machine can increase straw utilization considerably simply by physical processing and it is well suited for maize straw, which already has high nutrient value. Energy consumption is high, 1 to 2 times that of a normal chopping machine of the same output, because the final particles are finer. Because straw can also be softened during ensilage or ammoniation, this chopper can meet animals’ requirements when they do not directly eat straw.

corn stalk cutting machine

Advantages Of Chaff Cutter

* Chaff cutters are motor driven, diesel engine drive or petrol driven.and these Chaff cutter benefits are that they are energy-efficient, and it saves time and human resources for cutting a large amount of chaff.
* Chaff cutter is a multipurpose machine. Apart from cutting chaffs, it can also provide a cutting solution to many things like grub, fodder, straw, etc.
* All steel body of the chaff cutter machine fitted on sturdy channel frame with thick steel plate wheel, balanced and carrying special steel cutting blade, makes the machine very durable.
* Machine cut steel gears running in enclosed oil chamber with all axles and shaft fitted with ball bearings makes the machine run very smooth and trouble free.
* For the safety of operator and the machine, feeding can be instantly stopped or reversed as required with out stopping the machine. The plate wheel carrying the knives and other moving parts are fully covered for safety.
* Feeding of chaff is through extra wide and long chain belt feeding channel. Clean cut, granules like fodder is blower out by a strong blower arrangement and can be directly collected into the godown thus saving much labour.
* Accurate machining of gears on gear hobbing machine to help quick change of gear & low noise level for long life trouble free performance.
* All steel metal parts are manufactured on automatic press machines to ensure their changeability of parts, entire assembly is done by Nuts & Bolts for shifting from one place to another place.

wheat straw cutting machine

Chaff cutter machine is an excellent equipment/machine for all of your fodder requirement of animal husbandry, Dairy Farming, Co-operative Dairy, high tech dairy,for farmers who have high feeding requirement for large number of cattle.
Zeno farm machinery is professional manufacturer for making such agricultural equipment. We guarantee the quality, usability, and trustworthiness to our customers.Zeno brand chaff cutter machines offer a high level of operational safety and convenience.
Our specialists have planned one-of-a-kind models of wheat stalk cutting machine, altogether practical with our customers’ specific needs. Own our machines and be the most beneficial, powerful, and productive farm in your region.

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Model Capacity








ZNQS12 12 18.5 2950*2160*1900 1350
ZNQS10 10 15 2750*2050*1800 1050
ZNQS8 8 11 1970*950*1800 630
ZNQS5 5 7.5 1400*930*1720 550
ZNQS3 3 5.5 1240*770*1600 320
ZNQS1.5 1.5~2 3 1050*600*1250 120
ZNQS1.0 0.8~1.2 3 1050*500*820 52

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