Coffee Bean Peeler Machine Price For Cocoa Sheller Pulping

coffee peeler machine

Model: ZNKF50/ZNKF200

Capacity: 50~100kg/h

Power: Electric motor,petrol engine

Application: Coffee,cocoa beans etc

Coffee peeler machine is specialized designed for fresh coffee bean pulping peeling. It can process 50-100kg or 200~300kg coffee bean with proper thickness skin by hand. It’s very convenient to work with motor and belt. Compact construct design, high working efficiency and favorable price make it become popular in all over the world,which can help farmers in the harvest with a maximum peeling and effective in use.

coffee pulping
ZNKF series coffee peeler machine plays a critical role in transforming freshly harvested coffee cherries into green coffee beans. This essential equipment efficiently removes the fruit flesh surrounding the coffee bean,which significantly reducing processing time and labor compared to manual methods. This initial separation is crucial for subsequent processing steps like fermentation and drying, ultimately impacting the final coffee quality.

coffe sheller machine

Why Do We Need A Coffee Bean Sheller Machine ?

Coffee is a commodity crop that has an important role in economic activities in Indonesia.Coffee is also one of those country’s export commodities are quite important as a producer of foreign exchange in addition to oil and gas.Indonesia is relatively new to the cocoa industry, only ramping up producing during the 1980s. Today, the nation is one of the top producers in the world. Other nations that are top producers of cocoa include Brazil, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nigeria, Cameroon,Ghana,Uganda and Peru etc.

coffee pulper machine
After harvesting a coffee crop, considerable time and effort is involved in processing the coffee grains before the harvest is in condition for use. Accordingly, it is necessary first to separate out the crop those coffee grains which have been properly ripened. Secondly, the pulp casing of each ripened coffee berry must be removed in order to expose the coffee beans therewithin. Thereafter, the coffee beans must be thoroughly Washed for removal of a mucous-like substance that coats the beans. Coffee peeling machine have heretofore been proposed for removing the pulp from the coffee grain as well as to wash the coffee beans released as a result thereto. Most coffee pulper machines heretofore used for the purpose of removing the pulp from the coffee berries, involve the grinding away of the pulp casing by subjecting the coffee grains to the action of a moving rasping surface.A coffee pulping machine which will completely process a coffee crop and without any damage to coffee grains.

coffee peeling machine

How A Coffee Pulping Machine Works ?

The coffee peeler machine has a knuckled, rotating drum that as it rotates, presses the cherries against an iron plate. The pressing action squeezes the seeds from the cherry and the machine utilizes channels that discard the seeds from one side and the pulp from the other side of the machine.To adjust the cocoa sheller machine to accommodate different sized cherries, the iron plate can be moved closer or further away from the drum. The opening at the bottom of the hopper can also be adjusted.Whole cherries are fed into the top via the hopper and seeds and pulp are discarded via opposite sides of the coffee peeling machine.

electric coffee peeling machine petrol coffee peeling machine

Technical Specification

Model ZNKF50 ZNKF200



50~100 200-300
Power Option Manual Electric motor/Petrol engine



Manual 0.75kw/4hp



435*310*380 520*420*850



25 50

Working Video