Combine rice mill machine for sale,paddy rice milling equipment

combine rice mill

Model: ZNSB5/ZNSB10/ZNSB50

Capacity: 500~600kg/h 1800~2300kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine

Application: Paddy rice

ZNSB series combined rice mill machine is a complete equipment for rice processing. The rice is put into the machine through the vibrating screen and the magnet device. Under the function of the rubber roller, suction, wind selection, the shell is removed from the rice that will be polished to be white later. The husk and other impurities such as chaff are blown out. Finally, white rice is discharged. The machine is equipped with a rational layout, compact structure and little noise in operation.It’s light and easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity.

rice milling equipment

Rice is one of the most economically important foods in the world today.The milling process is the final step of the milled rice production chain with a decisive role in the quantity and quality of the final product.ZNSB series rice milling equipment adopted two-step rice milling systems In two-step milling process, the husk and bran layers are removed in separate steps, either in the same machine or isolated machines.
The process includes directing paddy into a pair of rubber rolls, rotating in opposite directions and at different speeds. A shear force is generated on the surface of the hull because of horizontal inward pressure that is applied on rubber rolls. Removing the husk from the brown rice or unhusked paddy is known as husk aspiration.Iron roller will make the rice cleaner and whiter.Compared to the single-pass milling system,the two-stage mill has better milling yield and is widely used for custom milling and in more agrarian regions of rice production.

rubber roller

Advantages Of Combine Rice Mill Machine

* Combined rice mill adopts low rice temperature rising technology to reduce the rice breakage rate.The radical air-sparing promotes rice overturn much more sufficient and uniform.
* Rice huller is equipped with comprehensive layout, reasonable design, compact structure, simple and reliable operation, and low noise. The white rice milling precision can reach the standard. With low power consumption and high work efficiency, it is a new generation of combined rice miller machine.
* Long service life rubber roller
Double roller processing system to improve the service life of rice mill .The rubber roller can peel the brown skin and iron roller to peel and white rice.Tow processing system,one passing rice mill.
* Our ZNSB series rice mill machine with 4 models,ZNSB5,ZNSB10,ZNSB30,ZNSB50. Different model have different capacities ,the biggest capacity of this series is 2.3t/h,you can choose the proper one according to your requirement.
* Professional exterior blower brings the airflow to turnover the rice and blow the rice chaff out of the rice screen to keep the lower discharging chaff rate.

paddy rice mill machine rice mill machine

Working Principle Of Rice Mill

The rice mill machine is used for paddy rice processing. It is composed of feeding hopper, paddy husking unit, separating unit for brown rice and chaff, milling unit and air-jet blower, etc.
Paddy first goes into machine through feeding hopper and then passes rubber roller for hulling. After air blowing and air jetting to the milling room, the rice milling machine can finish the process of cleaning, husking, air blowing selecting, milling and polishing in succession. The white rice ,broken rice ,husk ,chaff are pushed out of machine respectively. The user can put a container under the outlet to collect rice.

structure of rice mill



500~600 700~900 1100~1500 1800~2300

Rubber roller


180×120 233×152 283×180 254×254


5.5 11 15 22



0.86*0.692*1.29 0.76*0.73*1.7 0.97*0.76*1.76 1.07*0.76*2.2



130 180 320 630

Working Video