Corn peeler thresher machine remove corn maize husk

maize thresher machine

Model: ZNDT1000/ZNDT4000

Capacity: 1000~2000kg/h 4000~5000kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine,petrol engine

Application: Corn,wheat,rice,millet,beans,sorghum

Corn peeler thresher machine is used to peel and thresh corn maize seed after harvesting.The inner part of the corn peeler thresher is an complete structure, and the corn cob firstly is peeled and then threshed.Cylindroid roller is an important part to make cob and kernel keep unbreakable. Its threshing rate can reach 98%, which means the final kernels are very clean. What’s more, two rollers made of special materials won’t damage corn kernels during operation.
This kind of corn peeling and threshing is newly developed by Zeno farm machinery in 2013,which is popular on the market.This corn peeler machine is characterized by the easy operation, labor-saving, high yield as well as reliable quality. this kind of corn peeler machine has high production capacity with low energy is the mode of combination one type to peel skin clear and save labors.threshing parts adopt hammer rollers which has fast speed and low breaking rate.

corn peeler thresher
With the development of technology, the corn thresher is constantly updated.With reasonable design and high capacity, this maize sheller really is a useful tool for farmers, and it is suitable for home or industrial use, greatly boosting working efficiency.
The current maize thresher machine can be powered by a gasoline engine, diesel engine, or electric motor. At the same time, one corn thresher machine can thresh multiple crops. This is also the reason why the multifunctional thresher is popular.

corn peeler thresher machine

The Function Of Corn Peeler Thresher Machine

Maize is one of the main staple crops grown around the world. It is the third major cereal crop in Bangladesh after rice and wheat. Maize has versatile uses in different sectors like food, fuel and industrial products.When the ear of corn reaches maturity, the individual grains swell and then harden to form a closely packed cylindrical cob. The kernels on the cob are within the husks, which endow some degree of protection from damage caused by insects, fungi and the ambient climate.
Grain collecting includes the following process such as removal of husks and finally get grain seed from the cob.Engaged in maize peeling and shelling work, which was very tedious task and human drudgery. It is a common practice to manually dehusk the maize cobs and after drying shelling.The hand peeling of cobs requires more time and labour.
The problem is that people husk maize manually and this consumes time thereby lessening production time. Machines with the de-husking system such as combined harvesters are very expensive such that many farmers opt for motor drive corn peeler thresher machine instead.
Farm machinery and post-harvest machinery manufacturer has been working on the development of useful power maize peeler sheller machine for a long time and we has successfully developed different types of sheller with the capacity of 1~2ton/h and 4~5tons/h.

maize thresher machine

Work Principle Of Corn Peeler Thresher Machine

Corn peeler thresher machine consists of a threshing cylinder, concave, a blower, reciprocating sieves, feeding hopper, driving motor. All the crop materials are fed through the operator to the feeding chute and feed rollers move the crop into threshing cylinder.
Threshing cylinder has leaf cutter type blades and beaters. Leaf cutter blades cut the corn leaf into pieces and beater helps to detach grain from crop. All the threshed materials pass through the concave where it is subjected to aspiration action of blower. Light materials like chopped straw are blown away and grain etc. The crop is threshed by the impact and rubbing action between the drum and concave. The threshed corn fall on a set of reciprocating sieves,final clean grain is collected out of screen. It can be used to thresh the crop having high moisture content also.

corn peeler machine

Model ZNDT1000 ZNDT4000
Application Corn,soybean,sorghum,rice,wheat



1000~2000 4000~5000


3kw/6hp 11kw/15hp
Power Type Electric motor / gasoline engine / diesel engine Electric motor / diesel engine
Size 1.15*0.45*0.85m 1.45*0.7*1.3m
Weight 110kgs 380kgs

Working Video