Corn seed planter machine price for maize planting

corn planter machine

Model: ZNPB1/ZNPB2

Capacity: 0.15~0.2ha/h

Power: Diesel engine,petrol engine

Application: Corn,beans,cotton,peanut etc

Corn planter machine is on-demand seeding, live broadcast maize 0.15~0.2 ha per hour, it can plant corn,cotton,peanuts,and soybeans.This maize planter machine is specially used for agricultural machinery products for orchards, vegetable fields, greenhouses, hilly slopes and small plots of land. It can equip with corresponding tools for cultivating, raking, and fertilizing the ground.

maize planter machine
The seed planter machine has the characteristics of light weight, low fuel consumption, high relative power, compact structure, strong maneuverability, and light and flexible operation. It can climb hills, cross ridges, and have strong steps. It can be used for micro tillage, cultivating land and shallow ploughing in dry land, orchard, vegetable field and tobacco field in plains, mountains and hills. Multifunctional pastoral management machine, stable and reliable work, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc.

corn seeding machine

Why Do You Need A Corn Planter Machine ?

The corn planter machine sows the seeds at the proper seeding rate and depth, ensuring that the seeds are covered by soil. This saves them from being eaten by birds and animals, or being dried up due to exposure to the sun. With maize planting machine, seeds are distributed in rows; however, the distance between seeds along the row cannot be adjusted by the user as in the case of vacuum precision planters. The distance between rows is typically set by the manufacturer. This allows plants to get sufficient sunlight, nutrients, and water from the soil.

corn planting machine
Planting is a critical activity in the production of corn and the crucial step to obtain good yields. Traditional hand tools are mostly hand-made and manual sowing demands a high investment of labor and time. Before the introduction of the corn planter machine, most seeds were planted by hand broadcasting, an imprecise and wasteful process with a poor distribution of seeds and low productivity. Use of a seed planter can improve the ratio of crop yields by such farm machinery to save time and labor.With high quality corn seeds, whose germination rate should be higher than 95% and do coating or pre-soaking in pesticide to improve the seeds quality.
The most recent corn planter machine are better results compared to manual planter machine, due to its ease of use, accuracy and efficiency in the field and low maintenance demand.

seed planter machine

Advantages Of Corn Planter Machine

1.Corn seeder machine can sow crops seeds by positioning them in the soil and burying them to a specific depth. This ensures that seeds will be distributed evenly.
2.Corn planting machine adopts fertilization can be carried out in two rows, single line, before and after use, and fertilization can be carried out simultaneously. Adjust the handle, the amount of fertilizer can be adjusted from 5 to 50 kg.
3.It is simple and reasonable support, when using single row sowing, fertilizing, single squatting, the stipulation is decentralized, the whole machine can be placed horizontally. Easy to add seeds and fertilizers. Achieve one person operation.
4.Gasoline engine or diesel engine drives the seed planter machine, people only need to hold the handrail and control the direction, which save labor to a great extent.
5.With light weight and small size, easy to operate.This maize planter machine with much cheaper price than other machines on the market.

corn planter

Technical Parameters of maize planter machine




0.15~0.2 0.15~0.2



7hp petrol engine 4hp diesel engine
Starting Hand start Hand start
Plant row 2 row  2 row



1.45*0.74*0.9 1.6*0.74*0.9


65 90

Working Video