Corn reaper machine for sale,mini maize harvester price

corn harvester machine

Model: 4G80/4G100/4G120/4G150

Capacity: 0.13~0.2ha/h

Power: Petrol engine/diesel engine

Application: Corn,chili,sorghum

Corn reaper machine can be used for harvesting maize, chili, soy,sorghum etc.The maize reaper machine is powered by diesel or gasoline engine, double wheel, automatic walking, efficient cutting. The corn harvester can walk automatically, the blade is sharp and the corn is not scattered after the cut of the alloy steel, and it is neat to the side, so that it can be manually strapped.

corn reaper machine
This mini corn harvester machine combine with the small machine size, it is easy to operated and suitable be used in the hilly and mountainous area, etc, which big combine maize harvester can’t working.It can satisfy various requirements of different users.

corn reaper machine for sale

Advantage Of Corn Reaper Machine

1. Multi-function
Maize harvester machine can be used for corn,soybean, forage grass, rape, pepper, reed, corn, salix integra, sorghum, stevia rebaudiana, chilli, sesame, millet
2.Labor Saving
It releases people from busy physical labor, saves people the problem of hard work in the hot sun.The investment is small and is easy to recover. It should be the best choice with the excellent work mobility and maneuverability.
3.Best Adaptability
The corn harvester machine body is relatively small, so there is no restrictions to the planting spacing and no need to clear the way. Thus it can be widely applied to harvest corn in plain regions, hilly regions and corn interplanting regions.

maize harvester machine
4.Powerful engine
Diesel engine or gasoline engine for you choose.Engine are using high technology, powerful and stable, the cylinder wall by chrome-plated, coupled with the enhanced crankshaft, the engine life extension, the performance to achieve good match.
5.High Quality
The corn harvester machine blade adopts high quality alloy steel cutter, transmission part adopts advanced high frequency quenching process, high resistance to wear, transmission part connection tooth accurate and precision, movements smooth, greatly reduce the maintenance cost of users.

imni corn harvester machine

Model 4G80 4G100 4G120 4G150

Cutting width


800 1000 1200 1500


0.13~0.2 0.16~0.23 0.2~0.25 0.25~0.3




petrol engine


diesel engine

/ petrol engine


diesel engine

/ petrol engine


diesel engine

/ petrol engine

Mini Cutting Height


50 50 50 50
Placing type Side placed Side placed Side placed Side placed


1.05*1.07*1.7 1.3*1.07*1.7 1.47*1.07*1.7 1.8*1.07*1.7



116 210 220 230

Working Video