Tractor operated corn maize seed drill machine for sale

corn seed drill machine

Model: ZNBM-2/ZNBM-3/ZNBM-4

Capacity: 0.15ha/h,0.6~0.8ha/h

Power: Tractor drive

Application: Corn,beans,cotton,peanut etc

Corm seed drill machine is used for placing the seeds in a continuous stream in furrows at uniform rate and at controlled depth with an arrangement of covering the seeds with soil.
Our corn seeder machine can handle between 2~6 rows in one sweep across a field. Various models and sizes of corn planters are available, depending on the farmer’s needs and how much he or she can afford for equipment.ZNBM series maize drill machine can meet the cultivating needs of different sizes of farmland.
All of the models have same structure, same volume of seed box and fertilizer tank, as the seeding rows grow up, the horse power of tractors also grow up.The connection between maize seed machine and tractor is 3-point linkage, the tractor drags the machine to move forward.

maize seed drill machine

Advantages Of Corn Seed Drill Machine

1.Multifunction seed machine
It can adapt to a variety of crops sowing. The crops with similar shape to corn seeds or soybeans are all available to be planted.
2.Tractor drive maize seed drill machine
This kind of precision maize seed machine can be driven by the four-wheel types tractors,which mainly be used for seeding the single seed or double seeds accurately.
3.Easy connection
3-point suspension connection is suitable for most of the tractors, farmers don’t need to worry much about whether their tractor is practicable to this series.
4.High capacity and performance
Compared with other planters, corn seed drill prevents grass from entanglement and reduces vibration, and the machine’s row spacing, seeding interval, ditching depth, fertilization depth and sowing depth are all adjustable.

corn seed drill price corn sowing
5.Good planting space
Accurately seeding planting spacing ,which reduce the competition of the seeding growing, the growing of the seeding in better and the output of the crop in high.
6.Durable machine
The shovel tip at the ditch fertiliser is 65 high manganese steel with good wear resistance. And the ditch is narrow with small resistance , which with good protection.

maize seed machine

The Role Corn Seed Machine Play

In rainfed agriculture in areas in which we operate, the planting date is key to achieving high yield potential. Planting should be done as soon as possible after the first rains, so that the crop can benefit from a maximum of rainfall throughout the growing cycle.
With good seeds, whose germination rate should be higher than 95%, and do coating or presoaking in pesticide for improve the seeds quality, then the seeds should have good fluidity, and have no adhesive. Forbid using powder mix seeds in case of making loss of potency of pesticide and plugging up seeds suction holes.
With productivity 2 to 3 times than other corn planters, Zeno farm machinery enables precise and accurate planting of crops, and limits investments or costs: number of drills, fewer tractors etc

corn seed machine
Corn seed drill machine and planting machines are the technological marvels allowing the most fundamental farming procedure to be done with ultra-precision– digging holes, planting seeds, and covering them up with soil.The large corn seed drill machine is ideal for large fields with no fencerows, but it is not for everyone or every farm. Be sure to choose the right size planter for the size of your operation and your landscape.
When time is money, especially in the agriculture industry. Getting everything right on the first try is paramount to an efficient and profitable growing season. When you are in agricultural industry, Zeno Farm Machinery is a reliable supplier.

corn seed drill for sale

Technical parameters of corn seed drill machine




0.15 0.2~0.3 0.3~0.4 0.4~0.6 0.6~0.8

Sowing Depth


30~70 30~70 30~70 30~70 30~70
Sowing Lines 2 3 4 5 6



12~15 15~25 25~40 40~60 60~80


1.35*1.3*1 1.35*1.6*1 1.35*2*1 1.35*2.2*1 1.35*2.6*1



220 290 380 475 570

Working Video