Mobile diesel engine drive corn maize thresher to Kenya

Recently,a customer from Kenya purchased 10 sets mobile diesel engine drive corn maize thresher machine from Zeno Farm Machinery. He aims to use this corn thresher machine not only for his own maize farm, but also for sale (neighboring farmers).
The corn thresher machine is equipped with a high capacity(1~2t/h). Own to lightweight and 2 wheels, it is easy for farmers to move. This type of hand corn sheller has a high shelling rate and low breakage rate, which is why our customers highly praised this machine. We have matched this corn thresher with diesel engine, So it is convenient for customer to use everywhere.The new design cylinder roller enables the corn not to be damaged easily.

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What’s the market of corn thresher in Kenya ?

Maize is the most significant of Kenya’s staple food with high post-production losses.Minimizing post-harvest losses for smallholder farmers in Kenya is a paramount concern,maize sheller help reduce this loss, reduce labour and save cost.

The maize thresher machine operation is simple: power from the petrol engine or electric motor is transmitted to the drum shaft via the pulley and belt connection, thereby facilitating the shelling process. Therefore, the simple electric or diesel model can be a great idea for maize sheller for hire in Kenya.

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Agribusiness, with the right machinery and technical know-how, is a lucrative business in Kenya. Making the appropriate sunk costs in your farm is a priority if you want to see your investment yield the desired positive return. And this means buying the most affordable, cost-effective and useful maize sheller in Kenya.

As an agricultural machinery manufacturer, Zeno Farm Machinery are constantly upgrading the corn thresher, and the current corn thresher is the latest model. The work of corn thresher is more stable and durable.If you are planning to start your farm machinery business,we will provide you with more information about agricultural equipment and processing technology for free!

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