Diesel grain sheller machine for wheat,sorghum,millet,bean

grain sheller machine

Model: ZNSD500/ZNSD800

Capacity:400~500kg/h 800~1000kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine,petrol engine

Application: Rice,wheat,millet,beans,sorghum

Grain sheller machine is productive farm equipment that threshes grain and removes the seeds from the stalks and husks. It’s used to separate the wheat, paddy,maize, soybean, peas and other small grains and seed crops from their chaff and straw. The multi-crop sheller machine is efficient and can thresh wheat effectively, producing high-quality straw. It has all the useful features, compact size, attractive design, and dependable operation. These unique features enhanced production rate, threshing performance, less grain loss, etc. It is suitable for small,medium and large holding farmers and custom hiring.
Multi grain sheller machine loaded with advanced components and modern features, which helps in farming applications. Since the thresher machine came, it changed the threshing process, making it effortless and extra labour free.

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The Function Of Grain Sheller Machine

Grains are fruits of cultivated grasses belonging to the monocotyledonous family. The principal cereal grains of the world include wheat, barely, rye, sorghum, rice and maize.Growing your own grains is no more difficult than growing most other garden crops, and you can easily harvest a small plot by hand using a lightweight scythe. The hardest part of harvesting is separating the grain from the chaff.
Traditional method of threshing by hand is very slow. It gives low output. Due to low output, the cost of operation is high and there is a huge loss of grains because of rodents, birds, insects, wind, and untimely rain and fire hazards. Wheat sheller machine overcome these difficulties to a great extent.

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There are various types of grain sheller machine, each type catering to differing scales of production and conditions (e.g. domestic use, co-ownership by small farmers, use by independent farmers on a daily hire basis, ownership by custom or merchant mills). Farmers often use small wheat sheller machine which are usually simple, effective, inexpensive and fairly durable. The extent of shelling damage depends on the shelling technique, the skill of the operator, and the type of maize being shelled.
ZNSD series millet sheller machine are more productive and convenient. It fitted with cleaning and separation devices for the removal of unwanted material. The relatively large size of the maize grain facilitates the use of both cleaning fans for the blowing away of dust and light particles, and of simple reciprocating sieves for the removal of sand, stripped cob centers and broken or undersized grain.

millet sheller machine

Advantage Of Grain Sheller Machine

* High Efficiency
Grain sheller machine has combined shelling and cleaning so that the grain, wheat bran, wheat straw would be separated and cleared at one time. It can thresh various crops in high efficiency, separate husks and remove dust from the production mixture.
* Reliable Quality
Zeno brand grain sheller machine machine is highlighted with compact structure, easy operation, easy maintenance,scientific design and superior quality. Besides, it is anti-acid, anti-rust, and moisture proofed. The assignments are of good quality, each index has reached national specification.
* Cost-saving
The sorghum shelling machine has the advantages of high removal rate and low breakage, which eases harvesting and further reduces post-harvest losses and save labor cost at the same time.
* High Security
The motor control is equipped with over current, overload and short circuit protection.Grain and straw were pitched into the feeder (or hopper). The feeder controlled the rate of feed passing into the sorghum thresher machine to prevent overloading.
* Convenient Farm Equipment
The sorghum sheller machine can match electric motor,petrol engine or diesel engine.also can match with four wheel chassis as the driving force, strong mobility.

wheat sheller machine

Model ZNSD600 ZNSD800 ZNSD1000 ZNSD1500
500~600 800~1000 1000~1500 1500~2000
3kw/4hp 7.5/12hp 11kw/15hp 15kw/22hp


0.9*0.6*1.15 1.34*1.45*1.38 2.3*1.6*1.55 2.5*1.77*1.55



70 210 280 350
Optional accessories Large wheels,walking chassis

Working Video