Agriculture irrigation pump for sale,diesel water pump price

irrigation pump

Model:ZN3-178 / ZN4-180

Capacity: 45m³/h~120m³/h

Power: Diesel engine,electric motor

Application: Cotton wheat, rice, tobacco, peanuts,

sugarcane, hemp, fruits, vegetables,

tea, pasture, and other crops

Agriculture water pump is the most effective machine for irrigation purposes. The water pump is suitable for domestic use, Irrigation of farms, agriculture use, submerged pump in fountains, wells, sumps, and water tanks.Zeno brand irrigation pumps are quick and easy to set up and start pumping in minutes! The large cast iron case features a self-priming feature with built in check valve that makes start up easy. Simply connect the suction and discharge hoses, open the top plug, pour the case full of water, start the engine, and the pump primes automatically in seconds to begin pumping water.

diesel water pump

Throughout the world, managed usage of water and irrigation of agricultural farmland is essential to raising and harvesting productive crops.During the growing and harvest seasons, any downtime could lead to lower crop yield.
Our agriculture irrigation pump operate in canals, ditches, ponds, streams and lakes without suction lines or priming. We can filter out materials that clog sprinklers and nozzles that feed pivot systems. Irrigation pumps can be trailer mounted or in 3-point tractor hook-up for easy and portable one-person operation.

irrigation pump for sale

Advantage Of Agriculture Water Pump

1.Improve grain output
Diesel water pump can be used to transform unused land into productive farms or to improve the yields from existing crops. Bringing water to locations that do not have any existing infrastructure is improving food security and generating significant income for farmers and communities around the world.
2.Irrigate anywhere
The unavailability of grid power or the high costs of using diesel engines to provide irrigation means that good land is not used to its fully capability. Diesel irrigation pump combined with your preferred irrigation system and some smart planning can deliver water wherever you need it.

water pump
3.Work with your irrigation equipment
If you already have an irrigation system in place, Zeno water pump can work with what you have. Drip, sprinkler, pivot or flood irrigation methods can be supported and integrate well to pumps. Our pumps can produce very high flows and high pressures , even offering features such as constant pressure and flow.
4.Reduces the tough task
The pump pushes the water to a maximum height of 20 meters. Surface pumps are placed above the ground and are primarily used to move water through the pipelines.The water pump offers to reduce farmer long-term irrigation tasks.

agricultural irrigation pump

How to choose a water pump for watering your fields ?

When you find yourself needing more water to irrigate your crops, pasture, or crop fields. But, what do you do if you don’t have a well or plumbing onsite as a water source ?
Water pumps are machines for moving water, they play a fundamental part in agriculture as they move water from its source to the fields and crops. Water pumps can be used with many forms of irrigation, such as drip, sprinklers or with a hose.

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To farm profitably, one needs a reliable and affordable water supply for irrigation. This is because water plays a crucial role in determining whether one will harvest losses or profits.The water must be able to reach the crops in a cost-effective and sustainable way for one to make a profit.
Most farmers use electric, petrol or diesel-powered pumps to move water from sources such as rivers and boreholes into a tank or onto the farm directly.
Our diesel water pump can be used in canals, ditches, ponds, streams, and lakes without suction lines or priming.If you have access to a pond, stream, or reservoir, all you need is a couple of hoses and the right pump added to your sprinkler and you’ll have the perfect irrigation solution.

irrigation pump price

Technical Parameters Of Agriculture Irrigation Pump

Model In/Out Dia. Power






ZN3-178 3” 4 50 70
ZN3-186 3” 6.3 80 105
ZN3-192 3” 8.6 80 105
ZN4-178 4” 4 120 30
ZN4-180 4” 4.4 120 40
ZN4-192 4” 8.6 120 40
ZN6-192 6” 8.6 150 15

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