Disk grain mill machine,cheap corn pulverizer for sale

disk grain mill machine

Model: ZNFZ160/ ZNFZ250/ZNFZ320

Capacity: 50~100kg/h,800~1000kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine,petrol engine

Application: Corn,wheat,rice,millet,beans,sorghum,grain

Disk grain mill machine is a kind of crushing equipment that crush materials under the constant impact and rubbing action of round teeth and flat teeth. It can pulverize large-size solid raw materials to the required size.Grain mills are used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, scientific and other industrial sectors
You can use it to crush all kinds of grains (corn, wheat, beans,sorghum,millet, grains), food, medicinal materials (turmeric,Panax, etc.), seasonings (chili, pepper, pepper anise, cinnamon),feed, etc. It can also crush low-hardness minerals such as gypsum, lead powder, slippery powder, rare earth, chemicals, clay, coal, etc.
It is an ideal choice for household and commercial grinding,with many advantages such as small size, lightweight, easy installation, operation and maintenance,high production efficiency. The corn pulverizer machine is equipped with a dust suction device, with no powder pollution.

disk mill machine

Advantages Of Grain Mill Machine

* Widely application
The machine has wide applicability, it is suitable for grinding bean curd, starch, rice flour, corn, and it can also use for other food industries. It can grind wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, soybeans, and other crops into dry powder.
* Different powder size
High flexibility in the production process,our disc grain mill can different size of powder can be got through exchanging screen with different mesh. So it can use for crushing, coarse and fine grinding.
* High efficiency
High-speed rotating grinding disc produces a strong impact on the material particles, which can ensure a strong grinding effect.High efficiency and powerful crushing ability.

corn mill machine

Work Principle Of Disk Mill

The disc grain mill machine mainly includes six parts: the upper body, the cover, the rotor assembly, the screen, the feeding device, and the frame. The body and the rotor assembly together form a crushing chamber.After the motor is started, the power is transmitted to the belt wheel through the V-belt, which drives the main shaft to rotate, and causes the movable grinding disc and the fixed grinding disc to move relative to each other to produce squeezing and grinding effects, so that the middle of the grinding disc crushes the materials in it thoroughly.The processed powder will be discharged through the outlet through the sieve under the action of centrifugal force and airflow.

grain mill machine

Precaution Of Grain Mill Machine

1.The grain mill machine is delivered generally as a complete set. Firstly check if there exists any damage during the process of transportation when unpacking.After unpacking, move it to an appropriate location, then place it steadily, and connect it to the power supply for trial use.
2. Before use, check whether there is any looseness and other abnormal phenomena in the transmission part of the machine. The direction of the machine’s operation should be consistent with the direction shown by the arrow.
3. Carry out the no-load test for 1-2 minutes before use, and wait until there is no abnormal phenomenon before feeding. Gradually increase the material flow when feeding, and observe the power consumption, and operation of the motor at any time.
4.Feed certain amount of raw materials to the inlet of the crusher machine manually, and continue feeding until crusher machine is discharging.Note:. It is The operator doesn’t allowed to wear gloves to feed raw materials.
5.When the normal production ,Place the material into the hopper. There is no standard for hopper discharge height nor optimum level of material in the feeder tray.Caution: Do not overload the corn pulverizer machine !6. If the material is too damp and sticky, which affects powder output, the material should be dried or replaced with a thicker sieve plate.
7. Before stopping the corn pulverizer machine, stop feeding and let the machine run for 5-20 minutes before stopping. The aim is to reduce residual materials.
8. Safely turn OFF the main drive motor.

grain mill machine for sale

Model Capacity




Screen size







80~90 2.2 0.6~2mm


0.43*0.6*0.65 28
ZNFZ250 150~200 3 0.7*0.45*0.85



200~300 7.5 1.07*0.55*0.95 130






ZNFZ450 500~600





600~800 18.5



ZNFZ600 1000~1500




Working Video