Grain seed cleaner machine cleaning wheat,rice,corn,maize

rgain cleaner machine

Model: ZNQX10/ZNQX20/ZNQX50

Capacity: 1~1.5ton/h 2~3ton/h 10tons/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine

Application: Corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, job’s tears,vegetable seeds, beans

Grain cleaner machine is a professional grain cleaning equipment,it widely used to remove light skin, lint and dust from materials, remove large and small impurities in materials, remove the impurities such as empty shells, moldy, dried grains and immature grains in the materials.It is widely used in corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, job’s tears,vegetable seeds, beans and other commercial grain and economic crops.

seed cleaner machine
Seed cleaner machine is an ideal equipment for grain cleaning and impurity removal when grain is purchased and stored. It is also a cleaning equipment before grain processing in grain and oil processing industry.It can clean different grains by changing the sieve of different specifications, and can work in the open air under the local climate and environmental conditions, and continuously, stably and reliably remove impurities in grains under the load state. It is suitable for the deep processing and storage of wineries, starch mills, feed mills, and wheat and corn storage enterprises.

wheat cleaner machine

Why Do you Need A Grain Cleaner Machine After Harvesting ?

Grain cleaning increases your grain quality by removing unwanted materials that also attract certain insects or fungus. Cleaned grain also lower storage costs because of you only storage useful grains and not straws, soil and other materials.
The quality of your grain is improved and so is the animal welfare by having clean healthy grain without unwanted materials and also grain without mycotoxins.
Cleaned grain also has a large influence on the cost of the operation of your conveying and feed milling solution. Stones and dust in these machines increase the use of spare parts and unneeded production stops and increases the cost of farmer.
The value of clean grain is higher than dirty grain, thus grain cleaning is improving your yield.

corn cleanr machine

Advantage Of Seed Cleaner Machine

* High Profit Return
Due to its high productivity and separation ability,corn cleaner machine can remove dust, chaff, shell and other light impurities. It can also remove the blighted seed, budding seed, damaged seed (by insect), rotter seed, deteriorated seed, moldy seed, non-viable seed, seed with black powder sick. This all collaborates to improve the crop yield up to 40%.
* No Damaged Grain
Zeno brand maize cleaner machine doesn’t damage the grain .These grain cleaning machine consist of ultra-low speed, no broken parts, vertical air screen,dedusting system,vibrating and grading screen.After the large and small impurities have been removed the finished product can be divided into big, medium and small particles.
* Low Maintenance Cost
The seed cleaner does not require much maintenance and servicing,the user just need checking and cleaning of the seed cleaner screen to rid it of grain particles that get stack therein during the process of cleaning.They need wipe off the dust and grease the machine bearing after turn off machine ,which can avoid friction which could cause machine breakdown and damage.
* Mobility Agricultural Equipment
The simplicity of design and construction this cleaner machine with highly sufficient.Machine doesn’t require any special set up or leveling, its relatively light and compact and can be placed on the trailer and function on the go as good as stationary.
* High Production
With the seed cleaner, it is easy and faster.The production capacity has since then increased from 10 bags to more than 100 and that this is achieved in one day using the seed cleaner.

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Work Principle Of Grain Seed Cleaner Machine

After feeding, the material is get into to the screen evenly through the bulk grain function. The dust and light impurities with small proportions in the material are separated by the dust removal system. The material enters the screen box and the big and small impurities are removed through the hole screen. After screening, the material enters the gravity table, and the heavy light impurities such as mildew and empty shell are removed through the interaction of wind force and vibration. The complete grain cleaner machine usually including fans, screens and motor etc.

Model ZNQX10 ZNQX20 ZNQX50 ZNQX100



1~1.5 2~3 5~6 8~10
Screen mesh


According to the grain



2.2 3 5.5 10.5


100 120 560 1800



1.5*0.9*0.95 2*0.9*0.95 2.2*1.1*1.1 5.6*2.1*3.2

Working Video