Farm grain mixer machine for wheat,peanut seed coating

grain mixer machine

Model: ZNBC300/ZNBC500

Capacity: 300~400kg/h 500~600kg/h

Power: Electric motor or petrol engine

Application: Corn,wheat,rice,millet,beans,sorghum.peanut

Grain mixer machine also known as seed coating machine.It is suitable for mixing seeds, mixing grains, mixing chemical raw materials, and mixing solutions for feed particles.Grain coating machine can be used for coating peanuts, corn, wheat, soybeans, melon seeds, rice, vegetables, plants seeds etc,Seed coating machine with continuous operation, fast, uniform, no damage to the seeds, instead of the traditional artificial seed dressing to avoid poisoning, effectively protecting the environment, 2-5 minutes to complete mixing process. It can be used for rural farmers, small-scale farm, small and medium sized feed mill well-designed small feed processing equipment.

wheat coating machine
Seed mixer machine can make a variety of raw materials mixed color mixing effect, dense jewels stirring large capacity, simple operation safety, this machine is driven by motor directly, not easy sliding mixing speed of high efficiency, barrel adopts conical bottom, match with copying the blades, short time to complete uniform mixing materials, high efficiency, and the blades can remove maintenance and make life lengthen, copying jewels stirring, large capacity, easy to operate.It can meet the requirements of feed production technology, and can also be used for seed dressing and coating.

peanut coating machine

Advantage Of Seed Mixer Machine

1.Strong Center Stir Leaf
Laser cutting precision blanking, low temperature welding technology, increase the strength of the center stirring blade, and
optimize the center stirring blade, low noise in the stirring process, high stirring efficiency.
2.High Mixing Speed
The high-speed centrifugal disc shaking mechanism is used for the chemical atomization, and the atomization rate is over 95%; the medicine storage box is equipped with automatic constant temperature device, which is suitable for the use in the high and cold areas.

seed mixer machine price
3.Safety Plunger
The unloading cartridge board can be completed independently. The unloading bag can be completed by opening the cartridge board during the work
4.Standard Components
The details determine the quality, In line with a number of safety certification of electrical appliances, the real protection of motor safety.
5.Safety Operation
We added the stirring cover plate on the stainless steel mixer ,The atomization part of the agent has good sealing performance to prevent the dust production of raw materials, and protect the operator’s safety safely and effectively, highlighting the humanized design
6.OEM Service Provide
The wheat coating machine is made of normal steel or 201/304 stainless steel, which has the characteristics of high structural strength, no rust, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.Zeno farm machinery can customize seed mixer machine with different mixing capacities according to customer requirements to meet the needs of different customers.

grain coating machine

Model ZNBC300 ZNBC500 ZNBC1000 ZNBC2000


300~400 500~600 1000~1200 2000~2200



2.2 2.2 2.2 3
Mixing Rate 97% 97% 97% 97%
Broken Rate ≤ 0.1% ≤ 0.1% ≤ 0.1% ≤ 0.1%


1.2*0.6*1.4 1.2*1*1.4 1.4*0.7*1.5 1.6*0.9*1.8



65 130 180 260

Working Video