Grain peeler machine peeling wheat,corn,maize,barley skin

grain peeler machine

Model: ZNGW4/ZNGW10

Capacity: 400~600kg/h 1000~1500kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine

Application: Corn,wheat,rice,millet,beans,sorghum

Grain peeler machine is mainly used to peel the rice, wheat, corn, mung bean, soybean, buckwheat and so on.which can remove the outer skin of corn, germ, and break the corn into small size corn kernels. The processed finished product has a uniform, smooth, no black germ, no bran. It is golden-yellow in color.which is suitable for grain processing factory,oil processing factory and soybean product processing factory. It can be used alone equipped with dust system and also used in grain processing line.

wheat peeling machine
Corn skin peeling machine is relatively easy to operate.The corn removal white skin machine can be equipped with two different power:electric motor or diesel engine. The barley peeling machine has high output and high efficiency, which can help you to a large extent in agriculture and food processing.

maize skin peeling machine  beans peeling machine

Advantages of Grain Peeler Machine

1.Multifunction grain peeler machine
The grain peeling machine is mainly suitable for peeling rice, millet and sorghum , corn, wheat, buckwheat, coffee, barley, mung bean, soybean, glutinous rice, pea, and other grains.Especially the corn has been removed from the hard hull and germ parts, improving the taste of corn and expanding the application range of corn. Corn peeling after corn peeling is very popular.
2.Different production capacity
Barley peeling machine with different capacity ,which is widely used for family individuals, city supermarkets, grain stores, farmers markets, feed processing plants, etc.

grain peeling machie
3.Low grain broken rate
The pressure of the grinding chamber is low, and the produced broken grain is very little.High peeling rate and low breaking rate will increase your revenue.
4.Durable grain processing machine
It has quick-replaceable sieve plate and other parts. The durable iron roller and less abrasion parts make the equipment easily operated and maintained.
5.Low environmental pollution
The differential rotation between fan and grinding wheel can be realized, and the bran discharging quantity can be increased. Even long working hours will not result in the accumulation of bran and reduce the crushing rate of grain.It is equipped with a moose removing device for collecting bran.
6.Can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements
Customers can decide the processing times according to the dry and wet conditions and peeling requirements of raw grain until they are satisfied.

grain peeler machine price

Work Principle Of Grain Peeling Machine

Put the cleaned grain into the feeding hopper,and then adjust the handwheel to maximize the gap between the grinding heads.Grain flows uniformly from hopper through insert plate under the action of gravity to the grinding wheel cover plate rotating in the body.
In the peeling chamber, the husk and grain are separated by grinding wheel, and the husk and chaff are discharged from the screen hole of the husk and chaff into the grinding chamber under the suction of the fan and out of the machine along the body.
The wheat grains flow to the bottom of the body, pushing the row of wheat wings on the grinding wheel seat to the outlet of the grain mouth through the machine except the bran.

barley peeling machine

Technical parameters of wheat peeling machine



0.4~0.5 1~1.5 2~3 3~4 4~5



5.5 18.5+2.2 22+2.2 30+2.2 37+2.2


1.24*0.44*1.1 1.45*0.64*1.45 1.93*0.73*1.85 2.01*0.79*2.22 2.19*0.95*2.22



160 380 760 805 1050

Working Video