Small grass chopper machine for sale,silage fodder cutting

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Model: ZNQS0.4/ZNQS3/ZNQS5

Capacity: 400~600kg/h 3000~5000kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine

Application: Corn stalk,wheat straw,rice straw,silage,fodder,cotton stalk,small tree branch

Small grass chopper machine is one of the best models from Zeno Farm Machinery which is used for chopping all kinds of dry and green fodder into small pieces so that it can be easily fed to the animals such as cattle, sheep, horses, etc.

fodder cutting machine
The design of this silage cutting machine is ideal equipment for meeting the demands of animal husbandry, dairy farming, and personal use ,which there is very little wastage of fodder. The best feature of the grass chopper machine is that the prepared fodder can be swallowed easily by the animals. Further, its digestion is also easy. Various materials that can be cut in this cutting machine are corn, grass, groundnut, paddy, alfalfa,cotton stalk and sugarcane.

Fodder cutting machine is made from good quality raw materials and modern machines to ensure high performance and durability of machines. These grass chopper machine have high productivity to make silage and recommended for daily feeding of the animals, chaff cutter for silage making with simplicity can be operated by tractor, diesel engine as well as electric motor.

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Manual Or Powered Grass Chopper Machine

The decision on whether you should get a manual or a powered grass chopper is a simple one based on how much you will be using the machine.
For a small scale farmer rearing maybe one or two animals a manual chaff cutter may suffice. However, you also need to consider whether you are fit enough to handle the manual work every day.If dealing with a manual tools is wasting your working time, then you can go with a powered one. Powered silage chopper machine either come with an electric or diesel powered engine.

small grass chopper
The electric grass chopper machine are more stationary and can only be used one place near a power source. Diesel or petrol powered grass cutting machine are more versatile and it can be carried off to different sites to cut fodder. This equipment make it easy to cut fodder for many animals in a short while effortlessly.
Powered fodder chopper come in different sizes and with different output abilities. This means that some machines are bigger and more powerful than others. When choosing a silage chopper you need to consider your usage requirements. For large scale farmers with an intensive need for a grass cutting machine, consider getting a bigger and powerful machine that can handle the needs you have.

silage chopper machine

Advantage Of Silage Chopper Machine

1.Widely Applicable Scope
Grass chopper machine is suitable for green(dry) sorghum stalk,corn stalk,wheat straw,rice straw,peanut vine,sweet potato vine and other crop straw rubbing processing.The product can be all kinds of crop straw chopped knead until about 3-20 mm. used in breeding cattle. sheep. horse. deer. etc.It can also process cotton stalk. bark. branch etc.The crushed stalk can be used for paper making,man-made board. refining ethanol and straw power generation, etc.
2.Durable Machine
The Steel frame grass cutting machine is an excellent blend of efficiency and sturdiness.The sharpness of its steel blades is unmatched.The oil bathed gear mechanism enables the machine to function regularly for hours.
3.Safety Operation
For safety the feeding is controlled by the Forward, Neutral and Reverse system.All the mobile parts are well covered.

silage cutting machine
4.Low Maintenance Cost
Arrangement to regrind the cutting knives, when they get blunt, is provided with the machine at No-Extra cost. The regrinding knives is carried out while the plate wheel remains stationery thus avoiding unnecessary wear & tear of the machine.
5.Easy Handling and Labour Saving
Feeding of paddy straw cutter is through extra wide and long feeding conveyor,clean cut, granules like fodder is blower out by a strong blower arrangement and can be directly collected into the godown thus saving much labour.

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Zeno brand grass chopper machine are well known in the market for their durability and efficient performance. Our industry experts ensure that the chaff cutters are assembled by utilizing high-quality components as per the pre-defined quality standards of the industry.
Our fodder cutting machine are acknowledged for offering precise functionality in chopping all kinds of dry and green fodder, for several purposes. With a high demand in agricultural fields, these machines are used for cutting and crushing huge bunch of chaff, crops and pests in order to be utilized for various purposes.
With high durability and low maintenance, our silage chopper machine are widely popular for the high quality at the most affordable prices in the market. With best-in-class features, our machines are manufactured using premium quality raw materials for better performance and minimal maintenance cost.Our undergo proper examination on defined parameters by our quality experts to ensure that the best quality of products is supplied to our clients.

grass chopper machine for sale

Model Capacity








ZNQS12 12 18.5 2950*2160*1900 1350
ZNQS10 10 15 2750*2050*1800 1050
ZNQS8 8 11 1970*950*1800 630
ZNQS5 5 7.5 1400*930*1720 550
ZNQS3 3 5.5 1240*770*1600 320
ZNQS1.5 1.5~2 3 1050*600*1250 120
ZNQS0.4 0.4~1 3 850*500*1000 60

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