Groundnut/Peanut Decorticator Machine To Nigeria

We sold 4 sets groundnut decorticator machines to our customers in the Nigeria.This customer is a farmer and he has grown peanuts in part of his land this year, peanuts need to peel the shells after harvest. He was not only buy machine for himself but also for his neighbors.
Because the customer is in Africa and the electricity is unstable, we recommended him a peanut decorticator machine matched with a gasoline engine. When the power is unstable, customers still can work with gasoline engines.

groundnut decorticator machine

Groundnut decorticator machine is a professional equipment shelling peanut and groundnut, it has two functions of shelling,kernel and shells separating, with characteristics of a simple structure, easy operation, low power consumption, low noise in the flower production process. Husks are thrown away by built in air blower and kernels are screened to separate split kernels from whole kernels. Husks are thrown away by built in air blower and kernels are separated out.

groundnut decorticator

Maintenance of groundnut decorticator machine

1.The peanut decorticator is driven by a V-belt. After the new belt is used for some time, it will gradually become loose under the action of tension, so it needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation, and adjust the tensioning and tensioning wheel.
2.When the machine is in use, pay attention to the operation of each part. Check whether the fastening bolts are loose, and if they are loose, tighten them in time. Attention should be paid to whether the fan blades are worn or broken, whether the external reinforcement plate of the blade is worn or deformed, if any problems are found, it should be repaired and replaced in time.
3.The bearing parts should be checked for oil shortage or wear in time. If there is an oil shortage and wear, the oil should be replaced in time.
4.After use, a large-scale inspection of the groundnut decorticator machine is required. After the inspection is completed, repair the damaged parts, clean the residues in the machine, oil the bearings, remove the belts, and put the accessories in the warehouse for next use.

peanut decorticator machine
Zeno farm machinery are professional manufacturer of groundnut decorticator and have accumulated a wealth of experience in the manufacture of peanut and groundnut shelling machines.Our groundnut decorticator has great competitiveness in the industry. Professional production experience, superb processing technology, extremely competitive sales price, quality after-sales service, has attracted a large number of customers.
This peanut decorticator machine has good quality, low price, but also environmentally friendly, praised by many customers. At the same time, our company has advanced production equipment, so our machine has reliable quality, strong performance and long service life.the machine has been sold to more than 60 countries and regions in the world.We also provide manual groundnut decorticator machine.

manual groudnut decorticator