Motorized hammer mill/chaff cutter by diesel engine driven

hammer mill chaff cutter

Model: ZNFS800/ZNFS1500

Capacity: 800~1000kg/h 1000~1500kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine

Application: Corn stalk,wheat straw,rice straw,silage,fodder,cotton stalk,small tree branch

Hammer mill chaff cutter machine is a combined model machine with chaff cutter and crusher function in one.The raw materials for hammer mill can be kinds of grain, corn,wheat ,rice ,millet etc. The user can choose reasonable screen according to need.The screen size can be 0.8~8mm.
The chaff cutter machine can cut the corn stalk from above the ground and shreds the whole plant in small sizes. It can cut the cotton plant in uniform size ranging from 2 mm to 22 mm.

hammer mill chaff cutter for Africa
Also for cutting of biomass materials such as cotton stalk, tree bark, tree branches, corn stalks, wheat straw, rice straw, etc.
The crushed stalk can be collected in a trolley for further use to manufacture briquette white coal. Or it could be spread back in the field to enrich the soil working in form of organic manure and preserve natural nutrients. It preserves and improves the soil condition to ensure farmer reaps better crop in next season.
The crushed materials widely applied in power generation, paper making, artificial board, animal husbandry, straw power generation, ethanol refining and other industries. It has played an important role in dozens of straw power plants .

motorized hammer mill chaff cutter

Function Of Hammer Mill Chaff Cutter Machine

If you have cattle farm in your home, you need to take care of them. A Hammer mill fodder chopper machine would be your ideal partner. It will help you. Fodder Grinder is agricultural equipment that is commonly used to grind the fodder into small pieces. These would then be able to be utilized to feed cows.
Chaff cutter benefits are that they are energy productive and spares time and labor for crushing enormous fodder measures. This equipment has a grinder which is solidified to withstand the weight, and it is made wear-safe. The motor used to drive the machine is diesel or electric, which empowers the machine to work adequately and give excellent yield. The output of the machine is decent.

post harvest equipment
Zeno brand chaff cutter machine is an Excellent blend of efficiency and sturdiness.The sharpness of its steel blades is unmatched.The oil bathed gear mechanism enables the machine to function regularly for hours.This corn stalk cutting machine is manufactured by experts using superior quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. The offered products are obtainable at economical market price.

heavy duty hammer mill

Advantage Of Hammer Mill Chaff Cutter Machine

1.Widely Adoption
Improve transient screen hole opening rate. Fine, high-fat, high moisture, high-fiber material clog going disapperar, uniformity significantly improved.
40% production capacity improved
Add stationary hammer inside grinding chamber increased friction and shear frequency, the grinding efficiency improved over 40%, stationary hammer reduced wear on screen and hammers life of wear parts extended.
2.More uniform powder size achieved.
Premium quality stock feed grinding, seasoning grinding, cigar bar grinding, water retention grinding, phenolic molding compound grinding, low activity concentrated feed grinding, etc.

hammer mill chaff cutter machine
3.Low noise chaff cutter condition
With similar capacity and fitness using inverter technology, grinding condition noise is much lower than before. Power consumption is obviously lower.
4.Smooth Working
Machine cut steel gears running in enclosed oil chamber with all axles and shaft fitted with ball bearings makes the hammer mill fodder chopper machine run very smooth and trouble free.
5.Labor Saving
Hands-on-work can be very tiresome, but our hammer mill chaff cutter machine help create a soothing environment for farmers to work for hours in a perfect mood.

chaff cutter factory

Model ZNFS800 ZNFS1500 ZNFS2000

Chopper capacity


Dry grass 500~600

Wet grass 800~1000

Dry grass 1000~1200

Wet grass 1500~2000

Dry grass 2000~2500

Wet grass 2000~3000

Grinder capacity


600~700 800~1000 1000~1500



3kw/4hp 5.5kw/8hp 7.5kw/15hp


0.6*0.8*0.75 0.82*0.9*1.3 1.7*1.2*1.6



75 100 380

Working Video