Irrigation Pump And Wheat Thresher Machine To Vietnam

At the beginning of Apr,2023 ,Zeno Farm Machinery has loaded 30 sets diesel irrigation pump and 20 sets wheat thresher machine in one 40HQ container.They will be delivered to Vietnam and estimated to reach Ho chi minh port on 15th,Apr.

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Zeno brand irrigation pump was designed specifically for use in the agricultural industry, providing excellent power and performance while requiring minimal setup and maintenance. Its portability and compatibility enable agricultural workers to transfer water in any application that accommodates a trailer, from flooding water to farm fields to removing water from flooded fields.

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Wheat thresher machine is one of our high-quality farm machines.They are corrosion resistant because we finish them with electroplating. This wheat thresher with a dependable motor and a compact design is used to shell wheat, rice, millet, and other grains.This is automatic raw material adjusting, so it works efficiently without consuming additional power, fuel, labor, time, and so on. Zeno Farm Machinery provide wheat thresher machines in a variety of sizes and capacities.

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Are you on the lookout for modern agricultural machinery, equipments, and spare parts ? We have a perfect solution to facilitate you. Getting confused with multiple names offering agricultural machines might mislead you. Spend your hard-earned money on a trustworthy farm machinery that guarantees a long-lasting farming journey with you.

Zeno farm machinery have been engaged in the manufacturing, exporting, and supplying of agricultural machinery from China.To ensure on-time delivery of orders, our manufacturing process is meticulously planned because our main policy is to complete all orders on time. The company not only places a premium on quality and in-house capabilities but also understands the importance of timely product delivery.Because we have a large sales network, we can provide farm machinery all over the world.

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