Maize Sheller Thresher Machine Price In South Africa

Maize is considered as the most important grain crop in South Africa, which is the most common staple for South Africa and most of the world. Maize contains approximately 72% starch, 10% protein, and 4% fat, supplying a substantial amount of energy for humans and animals.It can be used in various industries for the production of food and industrial products, including starch, sweeteners, oil, beverages, glue and industrial alcohol.In 2020/2021, the total production of maize in South Africa amounted to roughly 15.8 million metric tons.Two-thirds of maize produced in South Africa is consumed by the local market in the form of maize products or as animal feed.
Shelling your maize harvest by hand can take weeks especially when you have a good harvest and will require a lot of labor to do. If you want speed and effectiveness when shelling your maize harvest, a maize sheller machine is the way to go.

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What Is A Maize Sheller Machine ?

Maize sheller machine is a kind of farm machinery to shell maize kernels off the cob. Maize thresher machine are among the most utilized farm machinery in South Africa since it simplifies the maize post-harvesting process.Minimizing post-harvest losses for smallholder farmers in South Africa is a paramount concern. And since maize is the most significant of South Africa’s staple food, with high post-production losses, implementing technology has been more important. Maize sheller machine help reduce this loss, reduce labour and save cost.

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What Is The Price Of Maize Sheller Machine In South Africa ?

Perhaps you have seen various maize sheller’s pictures and have been wondering how the equipment can apply in your farm in the post-harvesting or post-production process.However, if you are unfamiliar with farm machinery, you might be wondering what a maize sheller machine is all about.
Big corn peeler thresher machine that can work on tons of maize in a day will cost you more than small manual machines that can only do a few kilograms per day. But, you need to pay a higher price for a large capacity machine . Besides the power or capacity of the machine, there are also other features that affect the maize sheller machine price in Kenya. Manufacturers add many features and parts that enhance efficiency, performance and safety of the machine many of which add to the cost. However, most of these features are worth having and give you value for your money.

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Zeno brand maize sheller machines are designed with ease of use which means you get to save on labor costs. Only one person is needed to operate the machine and successfully separate the grains from the corn. We also have some multi crop thresher that are multipurpose and can be used both for maize ,also for millet ,sorghum etc.Our machines come with different maize sheller machine price in South Africa so there is something for everyone. Whether you are a small scale farmer just starting out or you are a large scale maize farmer looking for a highly capable maize sheller, we have solutions for everyone.

Small Size Corn Thresher Machine

This is probably the most common maize thresher machine in South Africa because of its practicability. It is simple to operate and move around.And no better machine fulfils this ideology and objective than the simple and portable maize shelling machine. With only a cost of ZAF5000~8000, you have your hand on an 1000kg/hr maize sheller for your maize post-harvesting processing.

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Portable Multi Crop Thresher

Multi crop thresher machine is suitable for threshing corn,wheat, bean, barley, chickpea, paddy etc.ZNDT series grain thresher machine with powerful cleaning air blowers for two times of cleaning. The waste and impurities can be discharged by air blower,the farmer can get clean seed after threshing.Diesel engine power maize thresher machine adopts axial-flow type roller technology to thresh grains,it includes feeding table, machine support, screen, rotary roller, machine cover, main air blower, air blower, vibrating screen and traction guide device, etc.

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Agribusiness, with the right machinery and technical know-how, is a lucrative business in South Africa.You ought to search for the right maize shellers’ price in South Africa before making your capital purchase. Identify your needs first and then let us match you with the maize sheller machine that will meet your needs and budget perfectly.