Manual hay baler machine for sale,hand silage press machine

manual hay baler machine

Model: ZNHB-1

Capacity: Depends on operator

Power: Manual

Application: Silage, grass ,fodder,alfalfa

Manual hay baler machine is a manual Equipment used for making bales of materials including silage,grass ,plastic film, farm-waste, etc.It is a single-person operating equipment with the provision of a spring loaded Compressing Lever, to make bales effectively, with the help of which the lever is positioned perfectly to dump the grass into the Baler and start compression.Improved Design making it a lot easier to tie the formed Bales keeping the Lever Locked, thereby improving the compaction efficiency.

hand baler machine

Function Of Manual Baler Machine

Livestock farmers are faced with a challenge of limited or feed shortage in winter.These farmers are left with no choice but to sell off their cattle at a very low price. But there are much grass in summer,the silage storage can be arranged.Traditionally, making dry hay requires approximately five days of dry conditions between harvesting and baling, a tall order for areas with short windows of opportunity. The process of trying to hit the window to get enough dry days to get the hay dry and get it baled and storage.
Hay baling techniques are available in the farms such as manual methods but are very laborious, time-consuming and relatively low production rate. Automated tractor pulled balers are also being used on highly mechanized farms areas but purchase and maintenance costs as well as scale of operation make this technology impractical for farmers.

silage baling
The purpose of manual baler machine was to construct a relatively cheaper and easy to operate square hay baler.The baled silage density is high and the outer dimensions are uniform. It is packed with wire or packing tape.Which can reduce the placement effectively ,The land occupation has improved logistics efficiency, reduced transportation losses, drastically reduced freight rates, and beautified the office and production environment. At the same time, it reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. It is an ideal choice for farms ,various manufacturing plants, material recycling companies
Implementation of manual silage baling machine can be a business venture for various small scale industries.

manual baler machine

Advantage Of Manual Baler Machine

* No electricity required
The manual hay baling machine is operated manually ,it can be used in the area which is lack of electricity.
* Maintenance free
The main frame of hand operated baler machine is made of shape steel and steel plate, It can not only ensure the compressor capacity of the manual silage baling machine, but also guarantee the service life of the machine.

silage baler machine
* Economical unit
Less investment manual hay baler, quick effect and high comprehensive benefit.Baled silage baler can reduce loss and waste, enzyme change loss and liquid flow loss are greatly reduced.
* OEM service provide
Compression chamber size and package size can be customized according to customer requirements.

manual baler machine for sale





Depends on operator

Bale size











Baler shape

Application materials

Hay,straw ,silage ,plastic etc