Manual peanut sheller price,hand groundnut thresher

manual peanut sheller

Model: ZNHS-1/ZNHS-2

Capacity: 40~50kg/h 80~100kg/h

Power: Manual

Application: Peanut,groundnut,goober,monkey nut

Manual peanut sheller is suitable for shelling the peanut and separate the peanut seeds and husk completely,which is designed to shell raw, sun-dried groundnuts, split the hard shell and peanut kernels via the especial structure.It features compact structure, stable operation and less noise. One of the advantages of the groundnut thresher is effective and economical.

hand operated peanut sheller

A Low-Cost Manual Peanut Sheller

Groundnuts, or peanuts, are one of the major cash crops in some regions of Africa and are an important source of protein for rural people. Thousands of African farmers work farms and producing peanut by manual methods. This is a labour-intensive process which, along with the low productivity of the land and the low quality of the nuts, results in a low income for farmers.
Groundnut shelling for many smallholder farmers in Uganda is largely done by hand, which is labour-intensive, not to mention the low productivity of only a few kilogrammes after long hours of shelling. However, the hand operated peanut sheller is one machine that can help such farmers. The device is simple, efficient, low-cost and easy to operate.
The manual peanut sheller benefits farmers by reducing time and processing costs for both commercial shelling and shelling for seed. Shelling the nuts by hand produces 7-10 kg of shelled nuts per day, whereas the sheller has a capacity of 40~50 kg per hour. It can potentially increase farmers’ incomes as shelled nuts bring in twice as much as unshelled nuts. The initial investment can be recovered quickly, often within the first year of commercial shelling.

anual peanut thresher

Advantages Of Manual Groundnut Sheller

* Manual peanut sheller is hand operated agricultural machinery,no energy consumption,meet environmental protection and the purpose of sustainable development.
* There is minimal wear and tear and breakage of the machine. The manual peanut thresher can be operated by people of different age groups, with little difficulty.
* It is also manually operated, hence no fuel or power expenses required. The machine doesn’t consume a lot of space, since it is moderately small.
* The performance is stable and long service life. Peanut sheller machine is simple in structure, safe and reliable, and convenient to adjust.

manual groundnut sheller

Work Principle Of Manual Peanut Sheller

The manual sheller is a simple technology, manual rectangular device, with a semi-circular central area under laid with a metallic hollow plate where the shelling takes place. Above it is a movable shelling roller slightly suspended in air by hinges on either side, the movement of which shells the groundnuts.
To shell groundnuts, a farmer is advised to lift the movable sheller to one side to create an opening from where the groundnuts can be poured inside the central circular shelling area. Before one starts shelling, a farmer must lay a tarpaulin on the ground and under the device to collect both the shelled nuts and the shells.
As one moves of handle, the nuts enter the space between the roller and the screen, are dehulled, and drop through the screen into a tarpaulin where they are collected for winnowing.Winnowing can be done by hand or with a fan. The sheller is 95% efficient and only 3-5% of the nuts are broken. It requires very little maintenanc), and spare parts are easily available.

hand operated groundnut sheller

Most shelling is done by hand in peanut-producing regions of the developing world. The peanut sheller by Zeno Farm Machinery feature low-cost, easy operation and high efficient. The peanut sheller could significantly reduce peanut processing time for the worker, opening up time for other tasks. The manual peanut sheller, with sufficient market penetration, would offer a substantial increase in shelling efficiency.

manual peanut sheler price

Model ZNHS-1 ZNHS-2
Capacity 50~80kg/h 100~200kg/h
Power Manual Manual
Size 68*35*115cm 85*60*130cm
Weight 25kgs 80kgs

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