Mini rice combine harvester machine price for wheat harvesting

rice combine harvester

Model: 4L0.9


Power: Petrol engine

Start mode:Electric start

Application:Rice, wheat,grains

Mini rice combine harvester machine is specially designed for rice and wheat harvesting. This machine adopts a new compound threshing structure, which can ensure clean threshing and complete separation,high production efficiency, low loss rate and impurity rate.Rice harvester machine can automatically reap, thresh, and pack rice into bags at one is a good helper for farmers to harvest rice.

wheat harvester machine
The mini rice combine harvester is special suit for hills and mountains or areas where general combined harvesters can not enter in, very convenience for the farming. With the reaper harvester, rice grains can be harvested faster and on time. The grain quality is therefore preserved. The machine is light and flexible and be easily manipulated under wet and dry conditions.

wheat combined harvester

Benefit By Mechanical Harvesting

Harvesting is the process of collecting the mature rice crop from the field. Depending on the variety, a rice crop usually reaches maturity at around 105–150 days after crop establishment. Harvesting activities include cutting, stacking, handling, threshing, cleaning, and hauling. Good harvesting methods help maximize grain yield and minimize grain damage and deterioration.
Manual harvesting is common across Asia and Africa. It involves cutting the rice crop with simple hand tools like sickles and knives. Manual harvesting is very effective when a crop has lodged or fallen over, however it is labor intensive. Manual harvesting requires 40 to 80 hours per hectare and it takes additional labor to manually collect and haul the harvested crop.

rice combined harvester machine price
Mechanical harvesting using reapers or combine harvesters is the a good option in modern agriculture.Mechanized harvesting eliminates grain loss during manual cutting of the crop, tying the crop for carrying, transporting the harvest and from incomplete threshing. A 5% to 10% increased yield has been demonstrated.Our combine harvester can harvest and thresh one acre of land in one hour. The manual method would require 12 people for one full day .
The manual method requires a separate step for threshing, which adds multiple days, and another day or two for cleaning. Thus the time from crop cutting to market ready is a week or more for the manual method as compared to an hour or so per acre for the combine harvester process.
The mechanized harvesting produces cleaner grain as compared to the manual process.
Mechanized agriculture plays a key role in the overall socio-economic development in terms of food security, value addition, employment, poverty alleviation and export earnings.

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Advantage Of Wheat Combine Harvester Machine

1.Wheat harvester machine is a kind of multifunctional combine harvester, which is mainly used to harvest rice grain and wheat grain.
2.Mini wheat combine harvester machine is applicable to mountainous areas, hills, plain, paddy field, and terrace work.It is easy to operate and light in weight, two men can lift.
3.Good quality, low failure rate, high efficiency, preferential prices, short payback period, the investment can be recovered in one season of operation, and it can also make money.

rice combined harvester machine price
4. Light weight, low grounding pressure, good paddy field passability.It can reduce the burden of the peasants, and improve their working efficiency, thus greatly improve their living standard.
5. Equipped with double cutters, low stubble cutting after harvest, convenient for ploughing, and greatly reduced fuel consumption.Equipped with two-position operating mechanism, safe and reliable operation.
6.The grain loss rate is low, the impurity rate is low, and the adaptability is wide. The effect is very good on rice or wheat harvesting.

mini combined harvester

Model 4L-0.9
Power 9.2kw/12.5hp
Start mode Electric start
Cutting width 1m
Capacity 0.1~0.2ha/h
Working speed 0~6.5hm/h
Size 2.72*1.3*1.21m
Weight 210kgs
Chair,threshing box is optional

Working Video