Mini rice mill machine price list,paddy huller cost for Philippines

rice husker machine

Model: ZNRM80

Capacity: 150~200kg/h

Power: Electric motor,petrol engine

Application: Paddy rice

Mini rice mill machine is a new type small rice mill, it’s designed for every family to eat healthy and ensured rice. Just connect it to the power and turn on the machine it will work.It is quite low noise in working and small in volume , so it’s easy to move from one place to another . You can use it to get brown rice and white rice. After harvesting rice, unhulled rice is harvested by rice combine harvesters. After packing the unhulled rice in grain bags from fields, it will be hulled by a rice huller. A rice huller machine removes rice husks (chaffs) and other foreign substances. Brown rice will be processed by rice hullers.Then, brown rice will be polished by polishing machines and the bran will be removed.Rice husker machine separates chaffs from un-hulled rice precisely .
The household-type rice mill has a development history of more than 30 years, the technology is mature, and it is deeply loved by users.So this rice huller machine is very popular now, especially in countries like USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, China, Nigeria etc.

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Work Principle Of Rice Huller Machine

The rice husker machine is composed of a fuselage, a rice milling room, a rice roller, a rice sieve, a feeding hopper, etc. When working, pour rice or rice get into the feeding hopper, and the rice flows into the rice milling room automatically and the space where you press the rice roller because of the rotation of the rice milling roller, the rice is subjected to a large amount of squeezing force and friction, which makes the chaff fall off, and grinds the chaff finely, and the rice grains are white. Under the action of continuous rotation of the rice milling roller, the rice milling roller and the screw teeth push the rice to the outlet and the rice bran leaks from the rice sieve into the bran box. You can turn the knob on the front cover to adjust the whiteness and accuracy of the rice.

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Daily Maintenance Of Mini Rice Mill Machine

1 The rice processed by the paddy huller machine must maintain a certain degree of dryness, and the general moisture content cannot be greater than 14% & 15%. When the moisture content of the rice is too high, the rice grains will be broken, which will affect the quality of the rice and increase the power consumption.
2 Pay attention to check whether there are nails, stones and other debris in the rice, so as not to enter the whitening room and cause blockage or damage the rice sieve.
3 Before starting the mini rice mill machine, check the rice sieve, rice knife, drum core and other parts to see if the bolts and nuts are tightened.
4 Rotate the drum before starting the machine to check if there is a jam.
5 When starting the paddy husker machine, run it to the normal speed with no load first, then uniform feed-in the rice into the feeding hopper, and pay attention to the operation of the rice mill at any time.
6 After finishing work every day, check the small rice mill and supporting facilities, and deal with any problems in time to ensure that the rice mill is always in good condition.

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Technical Parameters Of Small Rice Mill Machine









Rated motor speed










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