Multi crop thresher machine threshing grain rice,wheat,millet

multi crop thresher machine

Model: ZNDT1000

Capacity: 1000~2000kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine,petrol engine

Application: Corn,wheat,rice,millet,beans,sorghum

Multi crop thresher machine can peel and thresh corn,not only for corn ,but also widely applied to soybean, sorghum and millet by adjusting the internal screen to process different materials. Since the farmers plant variety of crops as per the suitability of particular region, climate and soil conditions, there was need to thresh all these crops by one machine for farmer’s convenience. Zeno Farm Machinery has developed a multi crop thresher machine to solve this problem. It can thresh crops like corn,wheat, paddy, grain, soybean,millet,sorghum etc. The machine can meet the needs of farmers who want a multi-purpose machine,which also low cost and high threshing efficient.

maize thresher machine

The rice thresher machine operated with two blower, spike tooth drum & moving, base frame with Tyre rim exel that is self powered by diesel engine or petrol engine.The farmer just need put dried grain into the feed hopper, the axis of roller stripping, threshing, separation, cleaning the grain seed,like corn ,wheat ,rice etc.high cleaning rare, low broken rate. Less grain seed kernels in the doping impurities increased the amount of harvested crops. Be favorable to the rush in the harvest season.It can be traction to a tractor or car,cow for farm handling.

multi grain thresher machine

Why Do You Need A Multi Crop Thresher Machine ?

Harvesting is a labour-intensive operation ,but threshing is much arduous than harvesting. Because threshing is a particularly tedious operation ,takes much labor power and working time (especially in the case of millet).In the agriculture of today, threshing is done with massive machines called combines.As one of the more labor-intensive stages of wheat farming, threshing was a natural candidate to be automated by grain thresher machine.grain producers accept the relatively high cost of timely threshing.
Threshers are the most important component of farm mechanization. If threshing is not done timely, all efforts made by farmers and inputs given to crop goes wasted.Multi crop thresher machine are professional sheller machine with bigger capacity,which can thresh grain into straw and seed separately with high efficiency. They can be matched with conveyor and elevator which can automate the process from conveying the corns to collecting the kernels. Because of their high capacity range from 1~2 ton/h and 4~5 tons/h,they are more popular by small,medium or large scale of farmers.

rice thresher machine

Advantage Of Multi Grain Thresher Machine

1.Multi crop thresher machine can be used in all type of crops such as wheat,corn,paddy,millet,soya bean,Peru quinoa,Blackgram,South American Pinto bean etc.Grain thresher machine is a good helper with farmers. It has wide application range, convenient and safe, high production efficiency, low damage rate and low loss rate.
2.The farmer can thresh any type of crops through these multicrop threshers by changing seed screen installed in main drum.Different size of seed screen is available for the machine,the size from 4 mm to 20mm
3.All type of wheat thresher machine come with blower and vibrating scree.The air bubbles and the straw vibrating by the air suction and the vibrating screen of the fan are used. The grain seed and straw completed the threshing separation and sorting operation once, and the removal rate reached 99%.

multiple thresher machine

Work Principle Of Rice Thresher Machine

The main components of multi crop threshers are: feeding chute, threshing cylinder, aspirator blower, paddy chaff outlet, hopper, and cam for oscillating sieves, driving power,transport wheel, frame.
In the first stage, grains were pitched into the feeder, a rapidly rotating set of blades (visible at the end of the feeder), first tore the grain apart, breaking the twine and snapping the heads from the straw, then beat the straw and heads onto a grooved plate, knocking kernels from the heads without crushing them. The straw then passed over a straw rack that removed most of the straw from the kernels. Whatever passed through fell onto a series of progressively smaller shaking screens, removing most of the remaining straw and chaff from the kernels.
At the end parts of rice thresher machine, the cleaner, kernels that passed through the last screen were moved over a stream of air that blew the remaining straw and chaff away. The cleaned kernels then fell into a hopper to be elevated to a bag or bucket The straw and chaff were blown out onto the straw stack by the strong blower.

multi crop thresher price for Africa

millet thresher machine

Model ZNDT1000 ZNDT4000
Application Corn,soybean,sorghum,rice,wheat



1000~2000 4000~5000


3kw/6hp 11kw/15hp
Power Type Electric motor / gasoline engine / diesel engine Electric motor / diesel engine
Size 1.15*0.45*0.85m 1.45*0.7*1.3m
Weight 110kgs 380kgs

Working Video