Farm Equipment Multi Crop Thresher Machine To Zimbabwe

On the beginning of Mar,2023,Zeno Farm Machinery has sent one 40HQ container farm equipment to our customer in Zimbabwe,it’s include 30 sets large multi crop thresher machine and 6 sets small multi crop thresher machine,4 sets grain grinder machine.

multi crop thresher to Zimbabwe
Grain loss is a huge problem in post harvest processing in Zimbabwe .Multi crop thresher machine will help farmers to get more quality grain and traditional working way has been improved by mechanization.Our customer has come to solve this problem by supplying those farm equipment in rural communities. They are also helping to save more time and labor that would normally be spent through manual processing.

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Why They Are Called Multi Crop Thresher ?

1.Multi Application

The customer can thresh any type of crops in these multi crop threshers by changing screen installed in main drum.Different size of concave grill’s available from 2 mm to 20mm can be used in all type of crops such as corn,beans,sorghum,wheat etc.

multiple thresher machine

2.Multi Driven Power Choice

The customer can use diesel engine or electric motor ,or petrol engine drive. Multi grain thresher machine has a modular design that allows it to process crops commonly grown on smallholder farms, and is portable so that it can easily be transported in rural areas.

power of grain grinder machine

3.Processed Clean Crops

The thresher consists of frame, threshing cylinder, cylinder casing, concave, oscillating sieves, pulley, belts, four wheels, aspirator blower, winnowing and cleaning attachment.This thresher has combined working with separate winnowing so that the grain, corn cob, corn straw would be separated and cleared at one time. It can thresh various crops in high efficiency, separate husks and remove dust from the production mixture.

4.Reliable Quality

The multi grain machine is highlighted with compact structure, scientific design and superior quality. Besides, It is anti-acid, anti-rust, and moisture proof.It has Full safe as proper size of feeding chute prompt after sale service and easy availability of spare parts.

post harest equipment


The machine has the advantages of high removal rate and low breakage, which would cut down the harvest time and save labor cost at the same time.Tractor is directly attached to thresher in working & transport position. It helps to save time & labor.

As a specialist agricultural machinery company, our agricultural technicians constantly research and develop new farm products and improve the quality of the traditional one.As far as the multifunctional thresher is concerned, Zeno Farm Machinery have two models, the ZNDT1000 and the ZNDT4000, which are cost-effective, easy to operate, and have a wide range of functions. The multi crop threshing machine is more powerful than the maize thresher. As a result, our multi crop thresher machine has been very popular in many countries,like Kenya, Nigeria, USA, Sierra Leone, Oman, Ghana, Gambia, South Sudan. So, if you have an interest, please contact us at any time!

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