5 Sets Paddy Rice Cleaner Machine To Tanzania

Zeno farm machinery has sold 5 sets paddy rice cleaner machine to Tanzania last week. Our customer has own a small rice milling plant and he is also a local dealer of rice machine, and there are many paddy fields in his city. The function of the paddy cleaner machine is to clean out the impurities, dust, stones, and other impurities in the grain. We continue to upgrade models of de-stoning machines, and currently, we have four different rice stone removing machines. The output ranges from 1000~2000kg/h, and the functions are also constantly upgraded. It not only can process rice but also can process all kinds of grains to remove impurities. Such as millet, wheat, rice, soybeans, mung beans, etc.We the customer provide the grain type,so we can equip customers with precise screens, which also improves the efficiency of impurity removing.

rice cleaner machine

About transaction processing
After confirming the details of the rice cleaner machine, we started to confirm the transportation problem with the customer. The customer’s destination port is far away from their company. According to the customer’s conditions, we helped him solve the problem of how to transport the machine from the port to their company.

Packing and shipping of rice cleaner machine
Our paddy cleaner machine are packaged in wooden boxes. After finishing the machines, we will send videos and pictures to customers for confirmation. We will inspect the machine many times before packaging, and the packaging box is inspected again after packaging. The aim is to ensure that the groundnut sheller machine can reach the customer intact.

paddy destoner machine

Precaution of rice cleaner machine

1.Before starting the machine, the user should check the screen surface and the fan carefully, whether the fasteners are loose or not, turning the pulley by hand. It can be started if there is no abnormal sound.
2.The inclination of the screen should be between 10 ° and 13 °, and excessive inclination will stop the stones moving upward. Under this case, the speed of entering the selection chamber will decrease, which makes it difficult to discharge stone.
3.In addition, the rice will move at a higher speed that triggers the final rice unclean. Therefore, the working inclination should be kept within the appropriate range and adjusted according to the amount of stone in the final rice. When the rice contains many stones, the inclination angle can be appropriately reduced.
4.There should be appropriate rice in the inlet to prevent the rice from directly hitting the screen surface to affect the suspension state and stone removal rate.
5.The sieve plate, the air distribution plate, and the air inlet door should keep the airflow unobstructed. If the screen hole is blocked, it can be cleaned with a wire brush.
6.The operator should always check the number of stone in final rice.
7.The rice cleaner machine should be regularly inspected, and the bearings should be cleaned and replenished regularly. The idling test must be carried out

paddy cleaner machine