Rice destoner machine price,cleaning paddy grain

rice destoner machine

Model: ZNSQ10/ZNGW50

Capacity: 1000~1500kg/h 4000~5000kg/h

Power: Electric motor

Application: Paddy,rice,wheat,corn,rice,millet,beans,sorghum

Rice destoner machine is designed to separate impurities like straw, dust, lighter particles, stones from paddy, so the next machines will work more efficiently when paddy is cleaned in paddy cleaners. Different sieves can separate large, small and light impurities from wheat, paddy, corn and oil bearing materials.

paddy destoner
Rice cleaning machine is necessary units in a complete rice milling plant. These paddy cleaners are manufactured using high grade components and raw material. Known for its reliable operation, high tensile strength, compact design, dimensional accuracy and high efficiency. Besides, it can simplify the technological process and improve milling quality. This equipment adopts advanced reverse cleaning theory, efficiently removing the impurities from the grain, which provides additional protection to the downstream process.

rice destoner machine structure

The Function Of Rice Destoner Machine

Today, rice is mechanized harvest. After threshing, grains seed are contaminated by impurities ,like earth, small pebbles, plant and insect waste, broken seed, etc.These impurities hinder drying operations and make them longer and more costly. After drying, especially by traditional methods such as open-air drying, the grain may still be contaminated by impurities.These impurities lower the quality of the product and are also a focal point for potential infestation during storage.Therefore, cleaning of paddy is required.

rice cleaning machine
Improper cleaning usually results in grain loss and lower head rice recovery in mills. Cleaning helps to reduce bulkiness during subsequent post-harvest operation. You should remove straw pieces, unfilled grains and other foreign materials. Cleaning and winnowing can be done manually, using wind energy or with the use of machines. You can use traditional winnowers like the winnowing basket and wooden boxes with perforations. Cleaning removes unwanted materials like straws, chaff, weed seeds, soil particles and rubbish from the grain. It improves grain storability, reduces dockage during milling, gives good quality milled rice and improves the milling output. It also reduces insects, pests and disease infestation.
Appropriate paddy cleaning machine at reasonable price is one of the major job for most farm machinery manufacturer.Zeno brand rice destoner is used to remove impurities such as stones and heavier impurities in rice, which can also be used to separate impurities from other grains. It is a newly designed high-efficiency paddy destoner machine. The vibrating cleaning screen has two layers of sieve surface. Different sizes of sieve surface can clean large, small and light impurities in rice, wheat, corn and other raw grain, and have a good effect on cleaning raw grain containing more medium impurities.The blower can blow off stem ,straws and weed seed.It is an ideal stone-removing equipment for grain, rice fine processing and deep processing.

rice destoner

Advantage of Rice Cleaning Machine

1.Low Maintenance
Heavy-duty construction, permanent lubrication and easy access to sieves for cleaning or replacement result in very low maintenance.
2.Compact Structure
The rice destoner is a compact unit and requires less installation space. The vibratory drive eliminates the need for any pulleys, belts, eccentric bearings, etc. and contributes to the improved sanitation in plants.
3.Reasonable Design
The inclination of the sieve is adjustable from 10 to 14 degrees, hence it is applicable for various grains.
4.High Quality Machine
Adopt vibration motor driving gears, ensuring stable operation, reliable performance, low vibration, and noise.

rice destoner machine screen

Working Principle Of Rice Destoner Machine

These paddy cleaning machine are used for sieving paddy and other grains to make them free of dust, small stones, paddy hulls and short straws(remove both big & small impurities from the raw grain).
Due to the influence of airflow and linear reciprocating vibration of sieve, the materials are graded automatically after they enter into the upper sieve. Low-density materials float above the upper sieve, then being discharged from the outlet. And the light impurities will be taken away by airflow. High-density materials mixed with stones pass through the sieve, then fall on the lower sieve for second gravity separating. Under the impact of inertia force, the stones and high-density materials move in the opposite directions, then being discharged from the front-end outlet and back-end outlet respectively.

paddy cleaning machine



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