Automatic rice grader machine price for grain grading

rice grader machine

Model: ZNMJ63*3/ZNMJ100*3

Capacity: 1000~1200kg/h 3500~4000kg/h

Power: Electric motor

Application: Rice,corn,wheat,millet,beans,sorghum

ZNMJ series rice grader machine is used for separating the milled rice, which adopts different sizes of rice milled, through continuous screening from different hole diameters of the screen deck to achieve four grade, such as head rice, normal rice, bigger broken rice, and smaller broken rice.And rice grading machine also can be used to separate other similar grains.It has the advantages of compact construction, smooth running and easy operation.It is the essential equipment for modern rice mill plant.

rice grading machine
Grading is the process of removing the broken from head rice and sorting them into well defined fractions of different length. The grading process in a rice mill plant is achieved by using rice grader machine and color sorter. The grain grader machine separates the rice into head rice, a mixed fraction (including head rice and broken) and tips. It also removes bran lumps from the product.They grade the rice by length into fractions of different broken sizes and head rice. The number of grading screen depends on the customers’ requirement.

grian grading machine

Function Of Rice Grader Machine

Rice plays a significant role in world food industry.Rice grading is important in determining rice quality and its subsequent price in the market. It is an important process applied in the rice production industry with the purpose of ensuring that the rice produced for the market meets the quality requirements of consumer.
With the continuous improvement of the market’s requirements for rice quality, it is necessary to effectively control the content of broken rice. During processing, due to the influence of different raw materials, flow rates and processing characteristics, the work of the rice sieve is unstable. The broken content does not exceed the standard, and the decimeter sieve is required to have stable working performance and large output to ensure that the screening effect is not affected when the raw material conditions change. Therefore, if the rice grader wants to have a good working effect, it must have suitable screens and sieves, equipped with scientific movement forms and reasonable screening routes.
If you set up this rice grader machine, you can produce high quality white rice from the common rice, different clients has different requirements to meet the market demands.

rice grader machine

Advantage Of Rice Grading Machine

* Unique sieve design with high precision, greatly improving grading effect.
*High handling capacity of rice grading efficiency; Sifting area increased, greatly improving the grading effect.
* Compact structure, innovative design, and advanced grading technology.
* Adjusted speed to keep a reliable performance.
* Adopting no- plug patent to guarantee sieve hole to turn smoothly and fluently.
* Setting detachable front plate to achieve adhesives to clean conveniently.
* Multi-layer screen deck structure for a larger capacity of rice clean effect.
* High-quality material fabrication, longer service life, easy to operate and maintain.
* Maintenance free design,sturdy maintenance-free design make the ZNMJ series grain grading machine is popular on the market.

grain grader machine

Working Principle Of Rice Grader Machine

This rice grader machine mainly adopts the differences between broken rice and complete rice, by making overlapping rotation and friction propulsion on flat rotary screen sieve to complete automatically grading process.It can be used to separate rice, also can be used to process variety grain.

rice grader

Model ZNMJ














1~1.2 1.5~2 2.5~3.5 3.5~4.5 4.5~5 5.5~6



0.75 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5


1.46*0.74*1.28 1.6*1*1.31 1.69*1.0*1.38 1.69*1.2*1.38 1.69*1.45*1.38 1.72*1.58*1.5



360 520 615 660 850 950

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