Rice Huller Peeling Machine Price For Nigeria,Kenya,Tanzania

rice huller machine

Model: ZN6NF-9

Capacity: 700~1000/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine

Application: Paddy rice ,dry coffee bean

6NF-9 rice huller machine is a new rice mill which mainly used for husking and polishing paddy into polished rice with high purity.This rice peeling machine have the characteristics of compact structure, operating and maintenance easily. It can make the rice reach the required white by once milling. The dust collector is provided to collect bran and eliminate pollution of the environment.It’s equipped with an installation of jetting apparatus. The rice huller can make the finished product pearl-white rice and containing little percentage of bran at low temperature, being capable of automatically separating the bran from the rice.
Which is a professional rice milling equipment designed to process rice into high-quality rice grains. It combines advanced technology with superior design to ensure you get the best rice milling results. Not only is this device unique in terms of quality, but rice huller machine price is also affordable, making it an indispensable tool in the agricultural field.Rice peeling machine is suitable for various scenarios, including small farms, large rice stores, and grain processing plants. It can meet rice milling needs of different scales.

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Advantage Of Zeno Brand Rice Huller Machine

1.Superior Quality

Zeno brand rice huller machine are known for their high-quality construction, ensuring long-lasting durability and excellent performance.Traditional air separators often are made of thin iron plates, which require frequent maintenance and replacement. Modern rice peeling machine’s air separators use thicker steel plates and angle iron structures instead, which greatly extends their lifespan.

2.High Efficient

The rice hulling machine has excellent milling efficient and can complete a large amount of rice milling work in a short time and provide high output.Which makes your rice milling business more competitive.

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3.Reasonable Prices

Zeno Farm Machinery understand your budget considerations and therefore offer competitive rice peeling machine prices so that everyone can enjoy high-quality rice milling services.Our combined rice mill machine are available at competitive prices, making high-quality rice milling equipment affordable for everyone.

4. Lightweight Structure

This rice huller is designed with the carrying and handling of the machine in mind, making it lightweight and sturdy in construction. Whether inside a factory or outdoors, it can be easily moved to the desired location. This portability makes your rice mill ideal for different work environments.

Structure Of Rice Huller Machine

The iron roller rice huller machine is of separating type with horizontal rollers. It consists of feeder,husking and polishing mechanism,transmission,discharger,rice-bran separator,stand and dust collector, etc.
Additional accessories: Rice huller blade/ rice sieve/clamp/huller blade adjuster/screen chute cloth/impeller/iron roller

rice huller structure

Working Principle Of Rice Peeling Machine

When the raw paddy was fed from the hopper into milling chamber, due to the promotion of thallium in pressure and mechanical pressure, brown rice extrusion in a whitening chamber. After self friction, the brown rice and the grinding wheel between each other to wipe away after that can remove the brown rice of the surface rapidly , in adjustment and the determination of the time to rice measured milling degree.

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Technical Specification

Model ZN6NF-9



7.5KW electric motor

12HP diesel engine

Number of rollers 2







Zeno farm machinery understand the importance of rice milling for rice, so we are committed to providing the highest quality equipment to ensure that the quality of your rice grains is guaranteed. Our rice mill machine are a testament to this commitment and are designed to make your rice milling process more efficient and smoother.Products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa,like Nigeria,Kenya,Tanzania,Zambia,Mali and other regions and countries have one to praise.

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Working Video