Automatic rice milling production line,rice mill plant cost

rice mill production line

Model: ZNRF10/ZNRF20/ZNRF40

Capacity: 10ton/day 20ton/day 100ton/day

Power: Electric motor

Application: Paddy rice

Rice milling production line is the on-line production of brown rice into white rice, but also the rice can be ground into standard white rice at a time.bran and rice can be separated by themselves. The rice can be processed into the most ideal white rice at one time, the finished rice is bright and crystal clear, the rice temperature is low, the broken rice is less, the bran rice is separated completely, the chaff is fine.

rice milling line
Rice mill plant are the latest products, It is a new type whole set combined rice mill for processing rice in farmlands, towns, grain shop and specialized households.Rice milling plant equipped with paddy elevators, cleaner, destoner, husker, gravity paddy separator, rice whitener etc. It can improve milling precision of rice according to the demands of users by adding some follow-up equipment, like polisher, color sorter and rice packing machine.

rice milling production line

Advantages Of Rice Milling Production Line

1. Advanced Milling Technology
With its unique rice milling technique, each granule of rice can be evenly unshelled, whitened and polished while keeping close contact with the emery roller, producing less broken rice and bring higher milled rice rate.
2. Advanced Rice Milling Plant
The equipment is equipped with our efficient cleaning equipment, high efficiency dehulling equipment, new grinding equipment and efficient rice classification equipment. The application of these new technologies and equipment makes high yield, low broken increment and brighter rice color.
3.Widely Application
This integrated rice milling line can be used to process both long-grain rice and short-grain rice(round rice), suitable to produce both white rice and parboiled rice, high output rate, low broken rate.

rice mill plant
4. Perfect Process
The complete set of equipment from the raw grain cleaning, removing the stone, multi-stage dehulling, multi-stage grinding and polishing, to rice grading,packing and power distribution all realize automatic continuous operation, smooth process, easy operation and maintenance.
5.Customer Design
Craft work can be designed specially, combined flexibly and processed into different kinds of excellent rice according to different client’s need.
6. Low Energy Consumption
The set of complete sets of rice mill production line are new models to avoid the traditional high energy consumption. Low noise and smooth operation.

rice mill plant cost

Rice Milling Machinery In Rice Milling Production Line

Gravity Paddy Cleaner : Essential for removal of undesired foreign matter, paddy cleaning is given utmost importance to ensure proper functioning of the Rice Milling machinery. Paddy Cleaner is an all purpose separator designed for the efficient separation of large coarse material and small fine materials such as grit during the cereal cleaning process. This machine works on the principle of specific gravity. Stones and other heavy impurities, being heavier, stay on the screen surface whereas rough rice, being lighter, fluidizes into the positive air gradient created by an external source.

Destoner: Destoner separates stones and heavy impurities from grains, utilizing bulk density differences. Rigid, heavy-duty construction with thicker steel plates and a sturdy frame ensures long life. This is the ideal machine for separating stones from grains in an efficient, trouble-free manner.Rough rice is passed through a series of sieves and closed circuit aspiration system is provided to remove dust and light impurities through positive air suction.

Paddy Husker: A streamlined paddy flow is directed into a pair of rubber rolls, rotating at different speeds, in opposite directions. A horizontal inward pressure is applied on the rubble rollers, pneumatically. Due to the difference in the seed of rotation, a shear force is generated on the surface of hull (with two sides being rubber by tow rubber rolls) that breaks apart of the surface/hull.
Husk, being of lower specific gravity, is then separated form brown rice by a closed circuit aspiration system.This process leads to breakage of brown rice. Although a proper horizontal inward pressure is mot important factor for breakage or rice, de-husking efficiency is equally important and should be maintained between 75 to 85%.

paddy husker

Paddy Separator: Rice surface is smooth as compared to rough paddy surface. This difference in surface texture is utilized to separate brown rice from paddy through paddy separator.All varieties of rice such as long grain, medium grain and short grain can be sorted easily and accurately. It separates a mixture of paddy and brown rice into three distinct classes: paddy mixture of paddy and brown rice, and brown rice. To be sent to a husker, back to the paddy separator and to a rice whitener, respectively.

Rice Polisher: The rice polisher cleans the surface of rice, significantly enhancing the quality of finished products. The machine has achieved an excellent reputation in many countries for its high performance.

Rice Grader Machine: Broken rice is removed from whole rice by passing the lot through a cylindrical indented screen rotating at a particular speed. The broken/small grains, fit into the indents of the rotating cylinder, are lifted by centrifugal force and gravitational pull falls the grains into a trough. Adjusting the rotational speed and angle of trough can vary the average length of grains.

rice grading machine

Color Sorter: Black or yellow rice grains are removed off from the like coloured grains by Rice colour sorting machines. Photo sensors/CCD (Charged Coupled Device) sensors generate voltage signal on viewing discoloured grains, which are then removed off by air jet generated through solenoid valves.

Rice packing machine: After you got the white rice, then use the packing machine to bag the finished rice into 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg bags, and seal it; This machine is automatic working, it’s easy to operate.
The rice color sorting machine and packing machine are optional.

rice milling plant

We supply 10T/D to 100T/D fully automatic rice mill production line. From paddy cleaning to rice packing, the operation is automatically controlled. Good quality, reasonable price, professional technical support. It can produce rice 100 tons/day. The whole set equipment includes bucket elevator, combined separator and destoner, rubber roll huller, paddy rice separator, rice polisher, rice grader, dust catcher, and electric controller. It is formed by linear arrangement, vertical arrangement, etc. Meanwhile, it also can be designed according to the requirement of different users. It applies to process plants in urban and rural areas, farms, grain supply stations, and granary and grain shops.Our rice prouction line helps rice millers improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, innovative R&D team, quick delivery, and excellent after-sales service has helped us become a leading player in the rice milling industry.

rice mill production line factory

Name Quantity
Rice destoner machine 1 set
Rice husker machine 1 set
Grain separation machine 1 set
Rice milling machine 1 set
Rice polisher machine 1 set
Rice grader machine 1 set
Rice color sorter machine 1 set
Rice weighing and packing machine 1 set
Double elevator 1 set
Single elevator 5 sets
(Rice polisher machine,color sorter machine ,rice packing machine are optional)

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