Paddy rice reaper machine for wheat,grass,barley cutting

rice reaper machine

Model: 4G80/4G100/4G120/4G150

Capacity: 0.13~0.2ha/h

Power: Petrol engine/diesel engine

Application:Rice, wheat,grains, soybeans and reeds

Rice reaper machine is used to harvest rice from the paddy field and it can cut rice at high speed. It is especially suitable for the harvesting of rice, grains, soybeans and reeds in small plots, mountains, hills and areas. In addition, the whole operation just needs one person within a short time.The wheat reaper machine has the characteristics of light weight, low energy consumption, stable performance, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance and strong applicability.This kind of rice cutting machine greatly speeds up the development of agriculture.

rice reaper machine

Why Do You Need A Rice Reaper Machine ?

A considerable amount of rice is lost in each stage of production especially in harvesting, processing and storage. That significant amount of field losses of rice in every year has been occurred for natural calamities and shortage of time during harvesting period.Timely harvesting is a crucial and important process to ensure yield, quality and production cost of rice.Mechanized agriculture entails the utilization of farm power and machinery in farming operations to increase productivity and profitability of farming enterprises through minimum inputs. It offers a lot of potential benefits not only to farmers and consumers but also to the whole country’s economy.
The mechanization can improve the timing of tasks, reduce drudgery, make labor more efficient; and improve the quality and quantity of food. Adoption of modern mechanical harvesting practices like rice cutting machine,combine harvester are urgently needed to save time, labor and money through reducing the human drudgery, harvesting losses and increase the cropping intensity, crop productivity, economic emancipation.
The time required for completing the operation of harvesting and threshing with traditional practice (manual harvesting and threshing with mechanical thresher by manual labor) was about 20 h whereas with combine harvester and straw reaper was 3.5 h.

rice cutting machine

Advantage Of Paddy Reaper Machine

* Wide application: the paddy cutting machine can be used to cut various kinds of crops such as grain crops rice wheat, grass alfalfa, industrial crops corn soybean sesame, chili etc.Except the upstanding crops, It can also reap fallen crops(lodging crops).
* Widely used in many kinds of landform, such as plat land, hills, slopes, small fields, orchards, etc.
* Easy operation: the rice reaper machine can be pushed by hand matching with diesel engine or gasoline engine; or mounted by tractor, which easy to install and operate.
* Convenient for customers: the crops are cut down, the crops can lay on field to dry under the sun or bind together, which is very easy to carry. The binding device is optional according to different requirements from clients.
* The handle can be adjusted upward or downward, with 180° rotation, more safe and suitable for different heights people.It’s adopted shaft drive, with bigger torque and high efficiency.
* Small volume,compact structure,complete harvesting,low stubble, reaping and putting aside at one time, more convenient and high efficiency, high quality, and long service life.

paddy cutting machine

Work Principle Of Wheat Reaper Machine

Rice reaper machine is an engine operated, walk behind type harvester suitable for harvesting and windrowing cereals and oilseed crops.The reaper consists of engine, power transmission box, pneumatic wheels, cutter bar, crop row dividers, conveyor belts with lugs, star wheels, operating controls and a sturdy frame. The engine power is transmitted to cutter bar and conveyor belts through belt pulleys. During forward motion of the reaper, crop row dividers divide the crop, which come in contact with cutter bar, where shearing of crop stems takes place. The cut crop is conveyed to one side of the machine by the conveyor belt fitted with lugs and is windrowed in the field. The crop is bundled manually and transported to threshing yard. There are no shattering losses due to vertical conveying of the crop.

rice reaper machine price

Model 4G80 4G100 4G120 4G150
Cutting width


800 1000 1200 1500



0.13~0.2 0.16~0.23 0.2~0.25 0.25~0.3



petrol engine


diesel engine

/ petrol engine


diesel engine

/ petrol engine


diesel engine

/ petrol engine

Mini Cutting Height(mm) 50 50 50 50
Placing type Side placed Side placed Side placed Side placed



1.05*1.07*0.65 1.3*1.07*0.65 1.47*1.07*0.65 1.8*1.07*0.65


116 210 220 230

Working Video