Seed Treatment Machine For Grain Dressing Coating

seed treatment machine

Model: ZNBY400/ZNBY600/ZNBY2000

Capacity: 400kg/h~4000kg/h

Power: Electric motor Or Petrol

Application: Corn,wheat,millet,cotton,soybean,sorghum,groundnut etc

Seed treatment machine is used for precision coating and pilling of crop with insecticides, fungicides, micronutrients and inoculants to the highest quality standards.Which is widely used for seed treatment with chemicals, typically fertilizers, antimicrobials, fungicides, or pesticides. The seed treater machine is applied on the grain a uniform layer in a continuous flow. Several seed dressing agents can be dosed at the same time. All metal parts that directly contact with chemical agents are made of stainless steel.

seed coating machine
Seed dressing machine has the optimal design, and is very famous in home and abroad market. It has many advanced designs such as use the high-speed centrifugal rotational disk for atomization of seed coating medicine, and use the stainless steel auger for mixing. It has many advantages such as compact size, easy for operation, low failure, easy to clean-up, no chemical release and accurate coating medicine injection, make uniform film of coating medicine etc.

large seed treater machine

Application Of Seed Treatment Machine

The seed dressing machine can be used for different grains, like maize, wheat, sesame, paddy, millet, cotton seeds, soya bean, sorghum, oat, ground nut, pumpkin seed, melon seed, sunflower seed, buckwheat, green bean, red bean, black bean, pea, chickpea, alfalfa seeds, cassia seed, grass seeds and so on.

seed treatment

Advantage Of Seed Treatment Machine

1.Widely Application
Zeno brand seed treater machine in various sizes from lab-scale to industrial.Treaters are designed to handle everything from small-seeded to large-seeded crops.

seed treater machine

2.Different Types Seed Treatment Machine
Zeno farm machinery can provide 2 kinds of seed coating machine.
First is traditional batch machines. In a batch machine, a specific quantity of seeds like 50kgs seed is placed in a rotating drum with mixing baffles, where the seeds are sprayed with a measured quantity of treatment products. Screen liners of various sizes can accommodate different types and sizes of seeds.
Second is continuous seed treatment machine, such as rotatory seed dressing machine, which can process larger quantities of seeds, are fully automated, and require less manual labor.

3.Improve Processing Efficient
Automated seed dressing machine can reduce processing time, enhance the uniformity of seed coating, and increase production yield.

4.Stainless Steel Materials
The seed coating machine body and liquid medicine tub adopt stainless steel material, much durable

5.User Friendly
Seed treatment equipment has become more user-friendly, enabling operators to manually adjust the number of seeds and products sprayed, enabling sequential application of multiple products.The most recent advancement in seed coating machine is the development of closed systems for small and large retail operations that make atomized spray applications.

6.Environmental Friendly
Environmental friendly as using pesticides at very small amount,and add color to seeds,which cause less attractive to birds.

seed dressing machine

Seed coating process play a vital role in seed treatment. Modern seed coating is highly selective and offers effective end products, resulting in increased seed quality. Advancements in seed coating machinery have become a priority for almost every seed processing company, ensuring user satisfaction.
Choosing the right seed treater machine for you and your market is vital to your operation’s success. Whether you run a box-to-box or bulk site, we have the necessary seed treatment equipment to get treating.
Not sure which seed treating machinery you need? Zeno farm machinery is the producer of seed treatment machines in China, dedicated for small farms, for medium and large farms and for seed centrals and to work in seed lines.Send us Email,we can discuss the best options to fit your budget and needs.

Technical Parameters Of Seed Treatment Machine

Model ZNBY400 ZNBY600 ZNBY2000 ZNBY4000
Type Vertical Vertical Horizontal Horizontal




3~5 minutes/batch



3~5 minutes/batch



4~5 minutes/batch


Continuous working



0.75 1.5 2.2





0.65*0.43*1.05 0.8*0.7*1.2 1.8*1.2*1.3 2.1*1.68*1.1


85 120 360 900

Working Video