Set Up Your Own Rice Mill Plant In Nigeria

Rice is a vital food material for more than half of the world’s population, the importance of which as a food crop has been increasing with increase in population.Nigeria is the second largest importer of rice in the world.Five million metric tons of rice, amounting to about 100 million 50kg bags of rice, is consumed yearly in the country, figures from the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) have indicated.Nigeria’s rice consumption is projected to reach 35 million tonnes by 2050, from five million tonnes, rising at the rate of seven per cent yearly.

There is high demand for rice in Nigeria. With a population of over 165 million people and an estimated national population growth rate of 5.7% per annum ,an average economic growth rate of 3.5% per annum in the past five years, Nigeria has a large market for rice.Nigeria’s fertile land and rich agro-climatic conditions could easily produce rice to feed the entire country and generate surplus for the region.

Apart from Abakiliki rice, in Nigeria today, some states produce paddy rice in abundance. Some of these states are Enugu, Anambra, Abia, Imo, Kwara, Edo, Ogun, Ondo, Cross River State and some Northern States such as Sokoto, Taraba etc

The rice milling business is a very viable and profitable business to invest in Nigeria. Nigeria’s current annual rice production capacity is only about 4 million MT below the national annual demand of 7 million MT. At present there are only 18 operating large scale rice plants in Nigeria, each having annual processing capacity varying from 15,000 MT- 120,000 MT per year? According to Chief Audu Ogbeh, 60 integrated large scale rice processing plants are required and must be fully operational for Nigeria to be self-sufficient in rice production.

Due the landing cost of imported rice in Nigeria and that of the raw material( paddy rice), it important the investor site the rice mill plant very close to the raw material and market in order to reduce cost.Also the rice mill would create employment opportunities for young people both directly and indirectly,Especially now that the Nigeria federal government is willing to support rice farmers and processors.

Nigeria rice processing

How To Set Up a Rice Mill Plant In Nigeria ?

Modern Rice mill is nearly fully automated.The machinery with high quality fully capable of stand-alone processing of rice including cleaning. The rice mill machine has to automate and linked to a process that removes chaffs, and other residues. Apart from cleaning an enormous quantity of rice this machinery sorts, segregates and grades before these are packed into differently labeled bags.

1.Layout And Constructions

The rice milling plant layout design should accurately take place to offer smoothness while carrying out the rest of the work with optimal space utilization. You also need to build up storage for raw paddy, godowns for processed rice and sheds to install rice processing unit, cleaning the unit, along with a parboiling area.

rice mill production line layout

2.Choice A Suitable Land Space

The investor need easily accessible and well-connected land space is The land in contention should be easy to reach with various transportation modes. Proximity to the marketplace and the raw materials (crop fields) is an added advantage since it helps in cutting down the transportation charges.

3.Select Right Machine Supplier

A good rice mill machine supplier would provide distinctiveness to different sections of the mill, still enabling it to function in tandem as a whole. The plant should be designed well enough to facilitate the inbound operations included in the process of rice milling. Different sections of the rice mill should be connected with good quality roads for easy transportation.
The basic machinery required for the rice milling plants is:
Cleaning machIne
De-stoning machine
Paddy husking machine
Rice milling machine
Rice whitening machine
Rice polishing machine
Rice grading machine
Weighing and packaging machine

Nigeria rice mill production line

4.Ensuring Water And Electricity Supply

Quintessential supplies like water and electricity are a must for setting up any factory, let alone rice mills. All the machines run on electricity and water helps in regulating the production of rice at various stages throughout the process. Hence, an incessant supply of both supplies should be ensured beforehand.

5.White Rice Quality Check And Control

Rice as a food, is prone to pests if left unattended at any stage of production. Unwanted adulteration can creep in at various stages of rice milling and can lower the quality of the end product. Hence, a periodic quality check is indispensable to any rice milling setup. All precautionary measures should be practiced to ensure good quality control.

6.Finished White Rice Storage

Where there is production, there is storage. The end product needs to be stored in a suitable place that ensures its quality and longevity. Ideal storage remains unaffected by external factors like precipitation, moisture, temperature, and pressure.

Nigeria rice mill plant

7.Utilization Of By-products And Wastage Removal

By-products improve profits and hence come to aid the efficiency of the whole process. As far as rice mills are concerned, husk and certain kinds of oils are the by-products obtained along with the end product. Post yield, whatever remains other than by-products is waste and should be completely removed to ease operations of the rice mill.

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