Corn Silage Baler Machine Price For Kenya,Pakistan

silage baler machine

Model: ZNQC550

Capacity: 50~60Bale/Hour

Power: Electric motor or diesel engine

Application:Corn silage, alfalfa, sugar cane tail leaves, sweet potato vines, reed grass

The silage baler machine is suitable for corn silage, alfalfa, sugar cane tail leaves, sweet potato vines, reed grass, soybean meal silage and emperor bamboo grass to make silage forage and realize comprehensive utilization of straw, which can be effective To provide better quality and fresher forage for breeding users, farms, etc.,
The wrapped straw crops are suitable for long-term storage, the pastures are not easy to degenerate, and they are easy to transport. They are the choice of silage preparation for cattle, sheep and livestock.The corn silage baler is a stationary bale wrapping machine. The long-term use of this model proves that its performance has reached a good level of similar products at home and abroad. It’s popular in Mexico,Kenya,Pakistan,India etc.It is one of the necessary mechanical equipment for the animal husbandry industry.

corn silage baler machine

Features Of Silage Baler Machine

1.The corn silage baler machine is designed for making high quality mini round hay bales with materials such as corn silage, maize, rice straw, pasture, alfalfa, grass.
2. The mini round hay bales can be wrapped by 2-6 plastic film layers according to customer’s demand, and stored in the open air for 1-3 years.
3. The bundled silage will make better fodder for livestock because fermentation can bring more nutritious and digestible food and make animal grow faster, also bundled hay can be stored for longer time than before.
4.High binding efficiency and high density. It is suitable for squeezing and bundling corn stalks, wheat straw, rice straw and herbage, which can greatly reduce the storage area and is beneficial to breeding.
5.After a long period of inspection and customer feedback, the machine has adjusted and improved the conveyor strapping position. The machine can not only use hemp rope to Bundling straw bales can also be used to wrap straw bales with net ropes.

silage baler machine price

How To Use Silage Baler Machine ?

1.Connect the main power supply, and adjust all delayer and timers for a total of five. Then, adjust the air pressure to 6Pa. Place the film on the holder and fix it
2.Turn on the switch to the automatic gear and open the emergency stop button. Set the procedure to be automatic. Press the button to start the machine
3.Pass the rope. Firstly, pass the rope through the barrel. Then there is a compression port. After pulling the rope out, adjust the screw to tighten and pass through the guide hole. In the end, let the rope roll from the wire feeding tube and all in finished.

silage baler machine for Kenya

Technical Parameters Of Silage Baler Machine

Model ZNQC550
Capacity 50-60 bale /h
Power 5.5KW or 12hp Diesel engine
Package size 550*520mm
Bale weight 60-80kg
Moisture content 65% -70%
Film layer 2-4 layer
Size 3400*2100*1450mm
Weight 570kg

Working Video