Sisal fiber extractor machine for jute,hemp peeling

sisal extractor machine

Model: ZNHM150

Capacity: 150M2/Hour

Power: Electric motor or diesel engine

Application: Sisal,jute,hemp,banana tree,pineapple leaf

Sisal extractor machine is an advanced machine that peels fresh sisal from fresh sisal stems instead of tedious and cumbersome manual labor.The bast is completely separated, and the remaining slag can be directly fed to livestock for silage or returned to the field.It can ensure safe production,clean flax breaking,and no damage to flax fibre.Such sisal peeling machine can work with electric motor or diesel engine to meet different customer’s need, especially the place short of the electricity power.

sisal peeling machine

Function Of Sisal Fiber Extractor Machine

Sisal is one of the most affordable natural fibers, and second only to cotton in the amount produced and variety of uses. The sisal fibre is traditionally used for rope and twine, and has many other uses, including paper, cloth, footwear, hats, bags, carpets, geotextiles, and dartboards. It is also used as fibre reinforcements for composite fibre-glass, rubber and cement products.

sisal extraction
However, during the fiber production process a large amount of residues is generated which currently have a low potential for commercial use. The residues are generated during the production of natural fibers which have little or no commercial value. In the case of sisal fiber, after decortication only approximately 5% of the whole sisal leaf is used, leaving the remaining 95% as residue, that can be used to generate bioenergy, animal feed and fertilizers productions or that are accumulated nearby rivers and streams.
The new sisal peeling machine is not only using less energy for its operation but also extracting 37% more fibre than other fiber decorticator. The fibre extraction can be feasible in the sisal plantation area using a diesel engine. The low power machine for sisal fibre extraction will be feasible and economical for small scale operation in the remote and tribal areas.

jute extractor machine

Advantage Of Sisal Extractor Machine

1.Multi Application
This hemp extractor machine is used to peeling the kinds of fiber from all kinds of ramie(ramee),jute,kenaf,hemp,ambary,etc.The hemp is separated completely, and the remaining residue can be fed to livestock directly as a silage feed or returned to the field as fertilizer.
2.Multi Power Choice
This jute extractor machine can work with 5.5 kw electric motor or 10 hp diesel engine.It can meet different customer’s demand,especially for the place where is short of the electricity power.

sisal extractor machine price
3.High Efficient
High efficiency and easy to operate, saving labor and time, suitable for inexperience workers.
4.Labour Saving
With high peeling rate,the sisal after peeling is smooth .Overcome traditional manual work,saving labor and time.jute peeling machine

Working Principle Of Sisal Extractor Machine

The raw material is feed to the blade drum by the feeding device.Double-vane rolling cylinders with two vanes rotating in opposite directions serve as the hemp peeling mechanisms. The high-speed spinning blade drum and fixed blades break the raw material and separate the fiber and residue.The fiber separated from the residue will drop on the conveyor bell for the next process.

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Power Type

Electric motor / diesel engine

Rotary speed


Dirt rate








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