Small corn thresher machine maize sheller price for Philippine

corn threshing machine

Model: ZNYT1000/ZNYT5000

Capacity: 1000~2000kg/h,5000~6000kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine,petrol engine

Application: Corn,maize

Small corn thresher machine separates the kernels from the cobs with an amazing speed without any breakage of the kernels as well as cobs,which is a mechanical device for threshing corn.It is widely applied for livestock breeding, farms, and household use. it is suitable for home or industrial use, greatly boosting working efficiency.The corn thresher has the characteristics of high automation, strong safety, simple operation, and low energy consumption. With high production efficiency, clean threshing, no damage, and low impurity content.

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Corn thresher is manufactured with advanced technology and has excellent quality , which is a useful tool for farmers, It is also very easily transportable because of own wheel and related frame.There are three types of power for maize sheller machine: electric motor,petrol engine or diesel engine. You can choose each type in your need.

maize threshing machine

Advantage Of Corn Thresher Machine

*High-Efficient Capacity
High efficiency is the most features of corn threshing machine,which can get 1-1.5t corn kernels per hour.The threshing rate less than 97%, which means almost all kernels can keep intact.
*Easy Operation
Maize sheller does not break corncob. The corncob come from the tail, corn kernels basically come from the bottom. It can take off about 2200Lb per hour, which can improve work efficiency.Several corns can be put into the electric corn sheller at a time, and one corn can be threshed within 3-5 seconds.
*Durable structure
The maize thresher machine uses thick steel plate and professional welding technique. Thicken and Widen angle steel makes the machine more durable.The feeding port has a skip-proof cover, which can prevent corn from splashing out from the feeding port.It is safe to threshing.

diesel maize thresher
*High Quality Material
Belt transmission and bearing rotation make the machine light and labor-saving. The high-quality motor has strong power, making the machine working stable. There is electrostatic spraying on the surface, which is beautiful and durable.
*Widely Application
The electric maize threshing machine makes fast work of removing corn kernels, widely used in the home, workshop production, shops, et
*OEM Service Provided
Portable frame with two big wheels: according to our African clients’ requests, Zeno farm machinery make the portable frame that can be towed by a tractor in front. And the two big wheels are solid and durable, which can ensure there’s no any problem to run on the gravels road.

movable maize sheller machine

Zeno farm machinery have sold numerous containers of corn thresher machines abroad, such as maize sheller machines to Pakistan especially the African market,(Kenya,Nigeria, Ghana, Togo,Malawi,Morocco, etc). The improvement in this work is its shelling efficiency without breaking the maize cob. Which is highly favored by all of our customers, that is why corn thresher machine is the hottest sale in our factory.

corn thresher machine price

Technical parameters of corn thresher

Model ZNYT1000 ZNYT5000


1000~2000 5000~6000



3kw/7hp 7.5kw/15hp
Threshing performance more than 98%
Loss percentage ≤1.5%



78 230



0.75*0.65*0.82 1.35*0.75*0.98

Working Video