Square Baler Machine For Sale,Small Hay & Forage Equipment

hay baler machine

Model: ZNJS2.2

Capacity: 2.2m

Power: Tactor mounted

Application: Hay, alfalfa ,rice straw, flax  straw, salt marsh hay, or  silage etc

Square baler machine is a agricultural implement which is used to compress crop residues of crops such as  hay, alfalfa ,rice straw, flax   straw, salt marsh hay, or  silage and converts into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store.It uses a polypropylene twine for heavy and dense bales. All this makes it efficient and more convenient to use. The bales are configured to dry and preserve some intrinsic (e.g. the nutritional) value of the plants bundled.

square baler machine

What Is The Usage Of Square Baler Machine ?

Square Baler is essential equipment for the agricultural sector in the world. Why the baler machine for agriculture was invented? As we know, the most government on the world banned burning the farming residue after harvesting. Because burning the agricultural residue causes air pollution, moisture loss, loss of soil nutrients and also deteriorates health. That’s why technology came with the square baler machine to solve this problem. It can clean your field and turn crop residue into useful bales.

square baler machine

How Do Square Balers Work ?

A square baler machine works by collecting loose hay, and other materials, off the ground and feeds it into the bale chamber. From there, a plunger moves back and forth towards the hay, and compresses the hay collected into a square shoot. Finally, when the hay is pushed through the square bale chamber, the twine is wrapped and tied around the bale, which helps keep the bale together and maintain its square shape.

square baler working

What Size Hay Bale Can A Square Baler Produce ?

The average hay bale dimensions depend on the size of the type of equipment used to bale hay.Normally,the hay bales traditionally measure around width 460*360cm,the length of forage bale can be adjusted from 300~1300mm.

hay baling

Features Of Hay Baler Machine

1.The square baler is designed to collect and compress grass, hay or alfalfa,forage ,straw and then converts into bales perfectly.
2.The large diameter of the feeder and its specially bent prongs guarantee continuous and clean pick-up at high operation speed.
3.The length of the bales can be adjusted in the range 0.3 up to 1.3 m.
4.Bales are easier to handle and maintain, as well as store, stack, lift, and move
5.Square hay bales are often more desirable for farmers since they provide easy-feeding for animals that farmers are used to.

forage baler machine

Technical Specification Of Forage Baler Machine

Model ZNJS-2.2
Pickup width 2.2m
Bale dimensions 36x46cm
Bale length 30-130cm adjustable
Match Power ≥50hp
PTO speed 540rpm
No. of spring teeth 64
Line of spring teeth 4







Working Video