Stainless steel grinder machine for salt,sugar,cassava,spice,herb

stainless steel grinder machine

Model: ZNBG320/ZNBG420

Capacity: 100~200kg/h 500~700kg/h

Power: Electric motor,diesel engine,petrol engine

Application: Salt,sugar,herb,corn,wheat,rice,millet,sorghum,dry cassavava

ZNBG series stainless steel grinder machine is mainly used in medicine (Chinese medicine), food, spices, resin powder, chemical industry, powder coating and other weak current substances and high temperature resistant materials.It is made of all 304 stainless steel, 304 material. The machine runs on the principal of Hammer type pulverising with facility to change mesh size as per requirement.

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Application Of Stainless Steel Grinder Machine

The spice grinder machine can be used in grinding pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, agricultural and sideline products, such as Chinese herb, sugar, mineral crystal, fruit and vegetable dehydration, nut, cereal, wheat, corn, rice, coco bean, soybean, cassava, fish waste, dry meat and etc.

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Advantage Of Stainless Steel Grinder Machine

* High Output
The optimized hammer tip speed ensures a powerful grinding.Combined with large screen areas, our hammer mill generates a high throughput of up to 2 t/h, depending on raw material and required granulation.
* Reasonable Structure
All the parts which contact the material are made of stainless steel with better anti-corrosion performance, the inner wall and outside shell of machine is processed specially to reach the point that the surface is smooth, so the production can meet the requirements indicated in industrial standard.

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* High Grinding Efficient
The possibility of equipping our hammer mill with a broad range of screens is what makes it suitable for your fine and coarse grinding applications (with screen hole diameters of 0.8 to 8.0 mm).
* Operator-friendly Maintenance
The combination of several features like a large door for an easy access, the frameless screen design and a hammer bar locking mechanism allow fast and easy cleaning and maintenance. No tools are needed to change screens or hammers.

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Work Principle Of Stainless Steel Grinder

The feed port is on the top of the stainless steel grinder machine, which matches with various feed structures. The hammers arrange symmetrically. When it is working, the material enters the crushing chamber, and the material is gradually crushed under the repeated friction and collision of the high-speed rotating hammer and the tooth plate. And under the action of centrifugal force and airflow, it passes through the mesh holes and discharges from the bottom outlet.

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Technical parameters of dry cassava grinder machine

Model Capacity




Diesel engine






ZNBG320 100~200 3 4 50 350*550*850
ZNBG360 200~300 5.5 10 110 650*600*1050
ZNBG400 300~500 7.5 10 160 700*650*1050
ZNBG420 500~700 11 15 180 780*700*1100
ZNBG500 800~1000 15 20 210 900*850*1250
ZNBG600 1000~1500 22 30 510 1350*950*1550
ZNBG800 1500~2000 37 45 620 1500*1250*1900

Working Video