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Model: ZNFM20

Capacity: According to operator

Power: Treadle manual

Application: Cotton,wheat, rice, tobacco, peanuts, sugarcane, hemp, fruits, vegetables,tea, pasture, and other crops

The treadle pump is a foot operated water lifting device which by using suction force, lifts water from rivers, bore wells, canals, ponds, streams,reservoirs and shallow wells over a depth ranging from 0-8 meters to the ground surface where it is intended to be used by farmers for irrigation, livestock, domestic and other purposes.
Small scale farmers use human-powered water pumps in rural areas to increase crop yields beyond subsistence levels. Different designs utilize various biomechanical motions. One of the most popular and proven designs for human-powered water pumps is the treadle pump, which is operated via a stepping motion .

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The farm pedal water pump is an inexpensive and portable irrigation tool,which free farmers from dependence on rain-fed irrigation and helps farmers maximize return on their small plots of land. The treadle pump can do most of the work of a motorized pump, but costs considerably less. Because it needs no fossil fuel (it is driven by the operator’s body weight and leg muscles), it can also cost less (50%) to operate than a motorized pump.
According to International Development Enterprises,treadle pumps helped farmers in Bangladesh increase their income by an average of $100 a year. This increase in profit allowed farmers to invest in larger, more expensive irrigation machines that further increased crop yields and helped create financial stability.

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Advantage Of Treadle Pressure Pump

* Low Cost
Minimum operating costs, as it requires no fuel or electricity.A treadle pump is a lever device pressed by the foot to drive a machine,it can domost of the work of a diesel water pump, but costs considerably less to purchase. Because it needs no fossil fuel (it is driven by the operator’s body weight and leg muscles),it can also cost less to operate than a motorized pump. Because leg muscles tire less than arm muscles, it can also be used by the farmers for longer. The treadle pump can greatly increase the income that farmers generate from their land.

* High Efficient
The treadle pump can draw water from up to 7.5m below the surface and has a maximum flow rate of 18m3 per hour. These are very approximate, and should only be taken as a rough guide. The equipment is basically developed for irrigation of small land area (2000-3000m2.) where home labour is easily available.

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* Durable Agricultural Equipment
The whole body and other metal parts of the pumps are hot dip galvanized, to minimize the effect of rusting on the metal parts as these parts are always in contact with water. It makes this pump more durable.

* Long Service Life
The treadle pump is simple and efficient. If the pimp is properly adjusted and maintained, the pump can be operated several hours a day without tiring the operator.

* Good Performance
Good performance depends on generously sized valves and passages (to reduce head losses), good seals and fast closing valves (to reduce internal and external leakage), correct gearing (to allow users to choose ergonomically efficient cadences and strokes) and smooth, well-lubricated linkages (to raise mechanical efficiency) As well, simply adjusting the shape of the piston head would greatly reduce fluid friction during its downstroke.

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The introduction of treadle pump technology seems to be ideal for the small farmers to be successful in small scale irrigation in rural areas.This technology is also cheap to operate and maintain and also easy to repair due to availability of its spare parts unlike conventional diesel pump that require certain technical competence with cost of maintenance. This technology is increasingly popular among smallholder farmers that have access to the benefit of small-scale irrigation system. With the possibility of having access to surface water or underground water such as dug out well, the treadle pump can be owned, operated and managed by one household or an individual in rural areas for ease of accessibility of water and that the required lift is relatively small.
Treadle Pumps are widely used globally in South Asia and Africa.Compared to bucket irrigation, the treadle pump can greatly increase the income that farmers generate from their land by increasing the number of growing seasons, by expanding the types of crops that can be cultivated, and improving on the quality of grown crops.Treadle pumps have been used in many countries worldwide such as Ghana, Zambia, Swaziland, Kenya,Nigeria,Togo,Ghana,Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well as many other countrys.

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