Two Wheel Tractor For Sale,12HP Walking Tractor Price

two wheel tractor

Model: ZNWT12/ZNWT15/ZNWT18

Capacity: Depends on operator

Power: Diesel engine

Application: Cultivator,harvesting,transport,farm irrigation

Two wheel tractors are small, motorized farming machines used to cultivate soil for gardening and horticulture, which are perfectly suited to working soil, gardens’ care, greens maintenance and mowing – and can carry out tasks that don’t suit four-wheel tractors including mowing slopes, maneuvering in small areas and intensive cultivation.

two wheel tractor price

Walking tractor are simple but extremely robust and performing. They are designed and built to work safety and quickly , finely shredding the earth and preparing a perfect seed bed. Our two-wheel tractors are recommended in medium and large vegetable gardens or in small agricultural plots. Our tools are able to work well even on medium-hard and compact soils which were not previously plowed.
Two-wheel tractors are real multitalents. The basic implements serve as carrier vehicles for the different devices that can be mounted. An economic use of the machines is thereby guaranteed. There are different implements for the soil cultivation, the application on green land, the weed removal as well as of grounds and paths. Through the possibility of turning the handle bar for 180° the range of mounted implements considerably broadens.
Whether you are a homeowner looking to cultivate a vegetable patch, or a farm owner expanding your business, a Two Wheel Tractor combines huge versatility with great performance and reliability.

two wheel tractor for sale

Why Walking Tractor?

For small hobby farmers to larger operations Walking Tractors can make a lot of sense. Two Wheel Tractors are much more maneuverable than traditional Four Wheel Tractors and their company profile allows them to work in areas where traditional Four Wheel Tractors cannot. Two Wheel Tractors are also less costly than larger tractors but can still be used in a variety of applications.
Walking Tractors can also improve farm productivity by being able to perform work between rows during growing season without damaging crops or compacting earth.
For small farmers and gardeners, Two Wheel Tractors provide advantages over cheap, single purpose light duty garden rotary tillers. While more expensive than these machines, genuine Walking Tractors can perform a multitude of tasks and maintained property will last a lifetime.

walking tractor

Advantages Of Two Wheel Tractor

1. Strong adaptability. It can be applied to plains, hills, mountains, pineland, hard land, sandy land, dry land, vegetable garden, orchard, greenhouse, and other terrains.
2. Low fuel consumption, strong horsepower, stable performance, saving time, and effort.
3. The gear position is clear, and the gear shifting is smoother, simpler, and easier.
4. The operation is simple, with turning, you can easily turn with light force. The elderly, women can operate easily.
5. Solid tires, instead of iron wheels and rubber wheels for transmission. No need to change back and forth between work and walking, more durable, and more convenient.
6. Increase the thicker bumper design to protect the engine more safely. The whole machine uses thicker materials to make the whole machine life longer.
7. Multifunction. It can be equipped with various accessories to realize various farmland operations, truly realizing one machine with multiple functions.

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Implements With Walking Tractor

For production agriculture, two wheel tractor can be fitted with various implements, making it a tool with numerous applications.Such as the following:
For soil-working: rototillers, moldboard plows, disc-plows, rotary plows, root/tuber harvesting plows, small subsoiler plows, powered and non-powered harrows etc.
For silage harvesting, available implements are:Sickle bar mowers, disk mowers, hayrakes, hay tedders, haybalers and bale wrappers for silage production.
For grain harvesting: Corn reaper/grain harvesters, reaper-binders etc.
For transport, trailers with capacities from 0.5 to 5 plus ton cargoes are available.
For Mowing,general mowing implements consist of lawn mowers, brush mower etc.
Other implements include:pump,paddy wheels, fertilizer spreader etc.
In short, a good two wheel tractor can perform an endless number of jobs.

walking tractor implement

Technical Parameters Of Two Wheel Tractor


10hp/12hp/15hp/18hp walking tractor

Engine  parameter

Engine Power


Engine Type

Single cylinder, horizontal, water-cooled, four-stroke

Starting method

Hand start / Electric start

Combustion System

Direct injection

Cooling way


Tire Model


Min. Ground Distance






260kgs/ 280kgs /320kgs

Working Video