Vegetable planter machine for small carrot,onion,cabbage seed

vegetable planter machine

Model: ZNSC6/ZNSC8

Capacity: 0.15~0.2ha/h

Power: Petrol engine

Application: Carrot, onions,cherry radish, white radish, turnips, beets, spinach, green bamboo shoots,head cabbage, asparagus

Vegetable planter machine is a precision planter,which is suitable for carrot, onions,cherry radish, white radish, turnips, beets, spinach, green bamboo shoots,head cabbage, asparagus, sunflower, lettuce, celery, cabbage, Chinese cabbage,green, potherb mustard,sesame, rapeseed, white pepper, vegetables, broccoli, rape seeds, millet, fodder grass and other small and medium seeds.
The vegetable seed machine can realize one seed in one hole, and multiple seeds in one hole (according to customer needs), and the plant spacing and seeding depth can be adjusted flexibly. it can realize refined operation and higher efficiency. Because this cabbage planter machine is a vegetable on-demand planter, it will save seeds and reduce the labor cost of seedlings in the later period.samll seed planter machine

Why Do You Need A Vegetable Planter Machine ?

When one farm need to plant large quantity vegetable,Weather is one of the main culprits of shrinking a viable planting time frame.Large farms almost always have a short planting timeframe, since it takes much more time to plant thousands of acres compared to hundreds of acres.Accuracy will also become a much bigger factor when speed is a top priority. Finding where seeds were doubled up or skipped can be time consuming, as is tracing which plugs and bare root plants were inserted crookedly.

onion planter machine
Most small farms start out using vegetable seeder machine for direct-seeded crops. A carrot planter machine can save a lot of time and seed compared to hand-seeding. Push plate seeders are relatively inexpensive and easy to purchase. Onion planter machine vary in their degree of precision and the number of different seed plates that can be used; prices vary accordingly. Desirable features of a single-row push seeder include: easy to push in a straight line, precise and even seed placement, allows accurate depth adjustment, easy to fill and empty, easy to see the seeds drop
No matter which vegetable seeder machine you use, it is worth the time to check and make sure it is functioning properly. Seed tubes can clog up, plates can stop picking up seeds, or the spacing can be wrong. Lift the seeder and turn the drive wheel a few times to make sure seed is dropping down freely. It is also a good idea to go back over a row that has been planted, dig up a few seeds, and check to make sure they are being placed at the proper depth and spacing.

vegetable planting machine

Advantage Of Vegetable Planter Machine

1.It is portable,dexterous,which is suitable for small areas and inconvenient planting operations on slopes,like sloping field,ridge etc
2.It is suitable for many kinds of vegetable sowing,which can meet the needs of customers in all aspects and is suitable for planting various types of vegetables.The farmer can change the seeding wheel to sow different types of seeds.
3.Save time and a lot of farmer labor. Compared with manual seeding, the speed of the carrot planter machine is more than 15 times that of laborers.
4.Different types of gears are randomly matched to adjust the plant spacing.Easily adjust plant spacing and row spacing sowing depth;
5.The sowing effect is better than normal carrot planter machine. The seedlings of a single plant are stronger, and the yield can be increased by 10 to 20%.Therefore, the process of seeding vegetables can be more professional and highly efficient.
6.The seeding wheel is made of special anti-static material, so that the seeds are not easy to stick, and the seeds are dropped accurately.

vegetable seeding machine

Technical Parameters of small seed planter machine


Rows Power Planting space


Row space


Sowing depth




ZNSC6 6 Gasoline engine









8 1.15*0.7*0.8 90
ZNSC10 10 1.15*1*0.8



12 1.15*1.25*0.8 150
ZNSC15 15 1.15*1.5*0.8


Working Video